How to deliver real pleasure a man : for temptresses

How to deliver real pleasure a man : for temptresses
You will need:
  • Tenderness
  • Sensuality
  • Gentle massage
  • Beautiful underwear
# 1

Do not think that the man - a rough brutal creatures.No, they, too, are sometimes soft and fluffy.They want not only to give pleasure to his woman, but get this pleasure from it.Women need to know how to give real pleasure to the man, that after he wore it on his hands.Men, like women, love kindness and tenderness.Light stroking with the transition into an erotic massage made to feel that he is now under the "authority" of their women, and not vice versa.

# 2

erogenous zones will help not only in how to deliver real pleasure a woman, but also how to please a man.Erogenous zones in men is not as much as women.But they are definitely there.With an erotic game you can understand what the point of give pleasure to a particular man.Post study erogenous zones can with shoulders and arms, then move on.It is necessary to constantly monitor the reaction of men to certain actions.Erogenous zones of men can be in m

any different places.The main thing - do not stop halfway, if found one erogenous zone.

# 3

Lasky man teats deliver great fun, as well as deliver a girl can enjoy using fondling her breasts.But we must do it carefully, if a man is not too excited, it's not like he can.You can also try to caress the buttocks men, many like it.Massage the scalp gets many of the stronger sex.The main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the man will relax so that he no longer need be.

# 4

After exploring the erogenous zones can start to how to bring the guy to enjoy using the most important erogenous zone - it is a member.With him you have to be careful, all actions must be gentle.Stroking, a gentle massage of the testicles - all this will bring pleasure to the man.Then you can proceed to oral sex.If you want even tease a man, it is possible to demonstrate the affection on the middle finger of the man.All actions must take place gently and carefully.You must remember to bring heavenly pleasure a man during caresses, have to look him in the eye.This strong winds.

# 5

girl should try, how to get the most pleasure from sex, and deliver it to the partner.Many girls do not accept such kinds of caresses.This, of course, in vain.Nothing wrong with that.But a man is deprived of the pleasure.Before you give pleasure to a man, you need to prepare the room.Subdued light, pleasant scent.And most importantly - it is prepared to the girl.You can wear erotic underwear.Everyone should be uninhibited, then the pleasure is stronger.