What is the best offer to meet the girl ?

What is the best offer to meet the girl ?
You will need:
  • Confidence
  • desire to be together
# 1

Every young person in life there is a time when the heart stops, feet treacherously are weak and can not takeview of a beautiful girl.The inner voice whispers that it's fate, and to offer to meet, but how to do it, so she did not refuse, and favorably accepted this offer?For any young man is quite a difficult question, because he is so afraid of rejection to hear ...

# 2

To start, you need to decide in what way and how to offer the girl to meet.According to SMS, email or phone - it makes it possible, but not desirable.All the same, are serious issues to be addressed in person, looking into each other's eyes, that she realized that it was a genuine offer and not a joke.Banal phrase "let's meet" made by SMS can only scare the girl may find a guy and cowardly he may forever lose its position.Many young people make a huge mistake by offering a serious relationship when it was still too little time.Sometimes, the woman refuses, simply

because even a very superficial man knows, not because she did not like.

# 3

is important to be confident in yourself, do not tune in advance to failure to prepare for the day when an invitation to meet.The fair sex is very fond of that man was well-groomed, well-mannered with a good sense of humor.So you need to clean up, shave, dress neatly.To begin to offer friendship, it will help to know each other better.You can ask in jest, and that it would, if started dating.That is to say, to probe the soil.Depending on the response, it is possible to draw conclusions about how she relates to the young man, whether he likes it.

# 4

If this is a common company, where she has long been known to offer friendship and makes no sense, it is important to be able to stand out from the gray mass and become special, interested in the girl.For example, to find common hobbies and interests.The more common, the better.Maybe it will be sports, dance or love for a musical group, but whatever.This will allow longer talk and see each other.

# 5

If interested girls to the young man reached, you can begin to direct the conquest of ladies heart.We must make it clear to her that she did not care.To do this, you can start to look gallantly, to give her favorite flowers, svozit to the place where she wanted to go, to offer a dance to her favorite song, to reduce to a nice restaurant.No girl can resist from such a sweet, romantic and gallant young man who was so interested in her.

# 6

After several romantic dates, if a guy sees a girl meets him in return, and it is interesting to her, and he no longer experiences anxiety and fear, it's time to offer together.If the lady feels the same affection for the young man, it is, of course, just answer yes.Well, if not, then do not despair, maybe her heart is already taken by someone else, and, unfortunately, to go their separate ways.Perhaps, after a while, she will regret that missed such a wonderful guy.