How to deliver real pleasure to the woman, the realization of fantasies

How to deliver real pleasure to the woman, the realization of fantasies
You will need:
  • touch
  • affection
  • tenderness
# 1

woman must remain a mystery to his men always.A man, in turn, must solve it.Of course, you can go to the most simple way and ask a woman what she wants and how she wants it.But it's trite and boring.In some cases it is better to do so, but not in those moments when it gets fun.To understand how to deliver real pleasure a woman, you need to surprise her and make a variety of intimate relations.

# 2

give pleasure, you can use a sensual game.First, a woman should be a surprise such ideas.It is best to start with a touch, but those to whom she can not remain indifferent.And it will be a good solution on how to bring the girl pleasure.Touches need to be unobtrusive, and as if by chance, in between times.You can do it while cooking dinner.It is necessary to carry out slowly with his hands on the waist, and then, descending lower.This will give the girl to feel the desire to continue this game.

# 3

It feels desires should be gradually he

ated.It is better to give, after touching a girl cool, but after some time to come over and have to start kissing her sensual places (ears, neck).Next is to play through a variety of phrases spoken in her ear, and at the same time sensual and excited breathing.This will lead girl even stronger.All of these actions, by the way, apply to how to deliver a fun guy.

# 4

can then postpone the game until the evening: let the girl thinks that's all over.Later, you can offer to give her a full body massage.Beforehand you need to prepare the room for this.Very good ons foot massage.Massage should be done gently, sensuously, leisurely.At this time, the guy will also enjoy the touch to his beloved.

# 5

Then you can gradually move to the erogenous zones, to try to give pleasure with the help of a mystery, but the most important point of G. It is not necessary forget about the genitals.All actions should be on the verge of Foul.During sex, you can whisper various compliments and talk about how she excites the guy.She also should not stay out of the foreplay, so how to get pleasure from sex to the maximum possible only through joint efforts.

# 6

All actions must be sincere and sensual.Sometimes you need to allow a woman to be selfish, and she will appear before your partner does the other.She will remember this moment for a long time and try to find a way to reward and how to deliver real pleasure man.Men should remember that the pleasure a woman need not occasionally, but regularly.Then the relationship will be more passionate and strong.