How to mend relations with his father : psychological help

How to mend relations with his father : psychological help
You will need:
  • Forgiveness
  • desire to reconcile with his father
# 1

ability to forgive their home - a pledge of strong family relationships.Unfortunately, sometimes it takes too much time and energy on something to forgive the father or mother of the resentment caused by them many years ago.Trying to forgive his father - the first step toward reconciliation with him.However, in order to understand how to establish a relationship with his father, alone ability to forgive may not be enough.

# 2

Any offense is easier to forgive when there is a chance to talk to the person offended.Sometimes it is impossible to reconcile with his father, not only because his father is too complex.If the father left the child at an early age, then reconciliation can be called into question for the simple reason that there is no communication with her father.Very often women choose to educate their children themselves, not giving them the opportunity to choose - to communicate with his father or not.When s

etting children against their fathers, women show a weakness of his character, not realizing at the same time, how to raise a child without a father.

# 3

If the connection with his father is not lost, to come to terms with it will be much easier.The most important thing - the desire to talk about the problems and find an acceptable compromise.It may take some time before the quarrel between father and child subsides.But as long as both try to reach an agreement, there is always hope for reconciliation.It is very important to find a way to talk to his father.

# 4

If the child's father and adhere to the same principles of life, to find a way to reconcile them is much easier than in the case if their outlook on life differed radically.For example, if the father is not just abandoned the family, and thus also deprived the mother and the child any means of livelihood, the sole purpose of a child would be defined so as to avenge his father.

# 5

In the life of every human situation may arise in which the desire for revenge would seem a natural desire.At the same time, it is necessary to understand that revenge destroys a person from the inside.Even if there is a way to get revenge, satisfaction from this, you can not get.Worst of all is necessary to the people who understand the senselessness of his revenge is too late.Trying to avenge his father and thus causing him damage, the child is not aware that the burden of guilt will sooner or later fall on him.Often, to understand how to survive the death of his father, is much more difficult than trying to find a way to take revenge for past grievances.

# 6

In order to come to terms with the offense, it is important to realize that all human beings are not perfect, and parents - is no exception.Even if resentment is very much a child should understand that coming to terms with his father or mother while they are still alive is easier than blaming yourself for something after death.