How to talk heart to heart with his father : family quarrels

How to talk heart to heart with his father : family quarrels
You will need:
  • father
  • love
  • composure
# 1

Parents are the most important people in the life of any person.But attitudes are different and they are not always simple and confidential.It is worth remembering that his father, a native people and to treat it is as well.How to talk heart to heart with his father?Never raise the tone and not to give vent to emotions, to hurt each other very easily, but died, unfortunately, no.And of course it is not necessary to keep everything in yourself, you need to make claims and complaints, just do it quietly.

# 2

How to avenge his father for causing offense?Do not talk, this behavior will make you wonder.Scare.For example, go to a specific time in another city, with nothing, not speaking.And best of all, ignore the situation, just to pretend that nothing happened, but at the same time, communicate with others friendly and fun, and with his father dryly and indifferently.

# 3

How to survive the death of his father and continue to live on?By th

e death of a loved one can not be prepared, it is always hard.First we need to realize that the person is no more, but you need to move on.In no case do not get hung up in himself, this behavior can lead to a prolonged depression.If it becomes very difficult, it is better to turn to a psychologist.

# 4

How to mend relations with his father and forgive him quietly listen.Try to understand and stand up for his father's place, because it is at least thank for the fact that he gave life.Do not be afraid to take the first step, there is nothing to be ashamed of.A very good way to start a dialogue with the help of correspondence.So much easier to cope with negative emotions and have time to think about the words.Then you can meet in a relaxed environment, for example to prepare dinner and to call his father.

# 5

How to raise a child without a father?No doubt it is difficult, because the support and the support needed for any woman.Do not try to be the father and mother at the same time, it is not work.It is important to have another child, so that he could share everything.The best option will be the right combination of rigor and affection.Do not get too pampered child, and of course physical punishment, too, should not be regarded as a method of education.A role model can be any well-known man, such a successful athlete.For myself, too, do not forget, because children need a happy and beautiful mommy.And of course, you just need to love a child!