How to behave in love with a man - scales: astrology to help

How to behave in love with a man - scales: astrology to help
You will need:
  • own observation
  • male scales
  • horoscope for the zodiac signs
# 1

understand the behavior of men in love sometimes just impossible.It is sometimes defies any logic.Some fall into a stupor at the sight of his passions, while others are beginning to take action.Still others become true romantics: write poetry, compose songs in praise favorite odes.From a man in love can expect anything.Vividly love is manifested in the so-called candy buketny period.In the first months of a man just ready to move mountains for his beloved, to make any action, and to fulfill all desires.But we should not delude ourselves that it is capable of all men.There are psychological types of men who differ in that the first always have in my head all the calculate.Calculate and weigh all the options.It is they - male scales.

# 2

First, let's understand the nature of man, a sign that the balance.Stars speak volumes.Most astrological forecasts, if not with absolute accuracy, but largely agree with t

he sign of the media character.And the balance is not an exception.Educating men weights downright excellent.He just has an intuitive tact, always pays attention to manners, both for itself and others.Emotions male scale is not subject to much.Prudence still prevails.What can we say - the balance should all be weighed.Libra - is a stunning companion.And he will always support interesting conversation.Justice and kindness inherent in him from birth.This man - the idealist in nature.He believes in honesty and truthfulness, trust people.It seems that he is also able to believe in world peace.

# 3

But do not count a man scales gullible simpleton.Not so simple.This feature as a permanent weigh all "For" and "Against", even if it comes to any detail, making it very prudent nature.A particular problem for men under the sign of the scales becomes the decision of any problems.He can not decide which is better.And it can make him fall into despair.Perhaps even burnout.He does not like to refuse people, but sometimes still can say the word "no."Libra always looking for harmony in life, some kind of balance and tranquility.Impulsiveness - are not for this sign.They hate to make quick decisions and swing until the last moment.Another problem for the weights becomes life only one day.At this sign do not want to think about the future.After all, then we need to address the issues.

# 4

How does the man in love scale, the question is not simple.It seems that he is too prudent in love.But no, this is not the case.Interestingly, the scales often falls in love at first sight.This is due to his love for all refined and beautiful.By its nature it is an esthete and an ardent romantic.He likes everything beautiful, and beauty is ready to offer itself to the heavens.This is true and beautiful clothes and beautiful things, but also beautiful women.He is ready to praise his passion every second.To sing serenades under her balcony and read poetry, with her sitting on a bench and holding her hand.Ready to tell her that she was his love, more beautiful than millions of stars in the sky.Such a man simply can not refuse.After all, every girl dreams of romance.But it may not be all that sweet.Then the problems begin.

# 5

In terms of sexual relations between a man scales are very elegant.They just masters in foreplay.Tenderness - this is his strong point.The very meaning of sex for him to bring the bliss of his partner.But for a man to be able to relax, need a quiet and comfortable environment around him.Especially concerned about man-scale understanding of what he was able to deliver an orgasm, to bring ecstasy to his girlfriend.It's a pity only that the scales are polygamous.They as if do not understand why they may become angry if they change.Stop it can only real sincere feelings of love for their passion.He loves not only sex, but also to observe the other.And there are fans to watch the same sex.Scales can turn sex life in an unusual stream of fantasies embodied.

# 6

marriage scales are very seriously, preferring to count and weigh all.In the decision, most likely, it will take a very long time.So sometimes to the girl easier to make an offer to the man under the sign of Libra.But do not forget that in such an interesting and gallant man just an incredible amount of female friends.From marriage scales waiting for the calm that desire throughout his life of comfort and convenience.But in fact it is rather a cover.We must not forget that the balance - is the most prudent sign.And marriage, he only agrees with the condition that the woman, in his view, would be perfect.Then his self-esteem will be at altitude.But, according to statistics, the balance - is the most perfect fathers.It brings it's just wonderful offspring.

# 7

What conclusion can be made about the man-scales?First of all, it needs a strong woman.It should be beautiful.This rate is more important than the inner spiritual development.Must maintain interesting conversations, create around weights cozy and comfortable atmosphere.In the show, it is ideal.Tolerate constant influx zavistnits and fans.Yes, it is quite difficult.But instead of a woman get a man in love.Man scales for their love to be ready for anything.It will fulfill all her dreams.It will be romantic for a long time.It will fulfill all sexual fantasies, desire to please all in bed.In sexual terms will not be with them there are no restrictions.And if he decides to marry, it immediately becomes clear that his woman will ever his ideal.