How to return the love of her husband's advice of a psychologist ?

How to return the love of her husband
You will need:
  • Care
  • Patience
  • love for her husband
# 1

Family relationships last for years, so it is natural that after a certain period of time, the ardor of past feelingsfades, giving way to mutual respect, caring for one another and the common children.However, in some cases, the wife realizes that the marital relationship does not bring the joy of her life partner, begins to speculate on the causes of sudden changes in the behavior of her husband, suspecting him in connection with his mistress.It was at this point the question is particularly acute on how to return the love of her husband.Psychologist's advice on this subject are very diverse, because there are many ways to attract her husband's attention and get him to look at his wife in a new way.Start this process should be a self-examination and search of cooling causes in marriage for their own actions and behavior.

# 2

first step is to make it clear to his wife that he was not indifferent to his wife, to make rouse herse

lf, even to some extent as a surprise.In each family the couple give each other affectionate nicknames that eventually perceived as a matter of course treatment.Make a relationship can be a bit of novelty with new and unusual nicknames.If a man all his life was "Zaikov" unexpected affectionate nickname for him might be a pleasant surprise and an incentive to ensure that his wife and is now called a different way than before.This psychological trick will allow to "shake up" the consciousness of man and make him recall the former exciting feeling that comes from endearment to his life partner.

# 3

tactile contact - another option of attending to his wife, who did not remain unnoticed.At a time when the passion between husband and wife has faded, unexpected touches and strokes can cause a man to experience sexual attraction to his own wife.As we know, love - it's chemistry, so why not just make the "reagents" interact?Instead duty kiss on the cheek goodbye, should give a man a tender and intimate kiss on the lips, as if reminding him that with him a loving woman, not a housewife or a roommate.A simple call to the lunch break with the aim to find out how he was doing, and not with a request to buy the products - is another way to express your love and care, as well as attract the attention of her husband to his own person.

# 4

Complicated things, if the spouse and so shows enough signs of attention the man, takes care of him, groom and nurture, but does not receive reciprocity.In this situation, psychologists are also advised to use the surprise factor.An attempt should be a surprise that will entail and the changes in relation to his wife.For example, to change the appearance dramatically for the better - to appear before her husband returned from work in erotic lingerie or sexy silk robe.Stretched sweater and coat overlaundered have to throw in the trash, and the use of beautiful and stylish clothes that emphasize the dignity of the figure as a home clothes.Do not forget about the hair, makeup and manicure, and other components of a perfect female image.

# 5

Psychologists recommend to bring into everyday life together mystery element.You can hint wife that his wife, like other men, so he should have to pay more attention as an attractive person.On the question - how to get her husband's family, psychological advice different from a situation where the spouse has not left his wife and only lost interest in his life partner.In this case, the action plan depends on whether a man or a new love he's lonely.When her ex-husband has a new lady of the heart, to take any active steps to have him back senseless.It is necessary to wait a certain period of time, during which a man realizes that the passion for another woman died down, began a joint life, with all its consequences.

# 6

After waiting for some time after the departure of her husband, should be carefully and gently remind him of yourself - send SMS with the wish of a good night or as if by chance to meet him in the street after the working day.We need to behave kindly, do not blame the man in the past were guilty, and let him know that he was always waiting for the house, and betrayal will be forgotten forever.You do not need to put pressure on pity, on the contrary, should show a man that his ex-wife "blooms and smells," is in high spirits, but misses him.If the spouses after separation has not yet acquired a new passion, you should think about how to return to her husband.Psychologist, with respect to this situation are simple - you need to make it clear to the man that his house would be better than on the side, because there it is waiting for a delicious dinner and loving woman.