How to return the girl , which fell out of love ?

How to return the girl , which fell out of love ?
You will need:
  • Flowers
  • Paper
  • handle
  • desire to be together
# 1

happens that recently in a relationship between two people reigned harmony and todayshe can tell the young man that she had fallen out of love.At first, he may even rejoice impending freedom.After all, now that he could breathe easy, not to listen to endless accusations and insults.But then, a young man overcome by grief and he often begins to think about how to return his girlfriend if she stopped loving him.

# 2

to get started is to answer the following question, and whether it is necessary to return these relationships?After all, if young people have left, then, of the fact there were good reasons.Male and female psychology differ greatly among themselves, and, as a rule, the girl can not fall out of love in a moment, this is preceded by her behavior is unacceptable for a man that he may not even notice for themselves.If you have some doubts, you can use a simple way: take a paper and a pen and write the pros and c

ons of your partner and the relationship with him.

# 3

should not jump to certain conclusions, should be given time to think about themselves and her.This may require and week and month.If you wish to return to his beloved is not passed, it should behave as follows.It is not necessary to demonstrate specifically how well without it, but also to tell how bad, is not worth it.Behave naturally and we must try to maintain friendly relations.When the "dust settles" can offer to talk by calling or writing a letter.

# 4

In order to regain the love should "revitalize" pleasant memories, which has been linked pair.For example, to invite her to the restaurant, which was a first date, put the melody, under which was the first dance, give her favorite flowers.Before the meeting, you need to freshen up, dress nicely, to present a bouquet of gorgeous lady, so she will understand the seriousness of the man's intentions.It is necessary to find out what you need to change in their behavior, which did not suit her and try to change it to myself, same applies to the second half.

# 5

young man should talk about their feelings, that have a desire to start all over again.We need to show patience and tact, if the girl "sprinkling" the claim that he was doing wrong in their relationship.It is necessary to take into account their mistakes and draw the necessary conclusions.This is quite a crucial moment, because if the partners did not want to compromise and change their attitude to each other, they again face the same challenges and still, unfortunately, will disperse.No need to act rashly, everything is important to consider carefully whether they are ready to change yourself for the sake of each other.

# 6

If you act according to the rules and loving approach to this important issue, then make peace with the girl will not be as difficult as it might seem at first glance to be much more difficult to maintain that relationship.Here, it is important to remember that the mutual concessions, compromise, love and respect for your partner - is the key to a long and happy future together.Sometimes, it is necessary to retreat slightly from its principles and show some patience to the shortcomings of a loved one, in order to get much more - devotion and boundless adoration of their halves.