How to woo a bride : Matchmaking procedure

How to woo a bride : Matchmaking procedure
You will need:
  • Groom
  • Bride
  • desire to be together
# 1

Before you get married, the way of the bride and groom met a lot of tests.Wedding worries - this is a very good test of the young.On how much they can give each other, to solve a particular problem together, to respect the opinions of others.And the first step before the wedding the bride is the bridegroom Matchmaking relatives.Before you make a match the bride groom's parents, the lovers secretly agree about whether they are ready for marriage.Rite matchmaking today bears a purely symbolic character.But they should not be neglected.The bride setting the table food, cooked with his own hands, that future mother-in-law with can evaluate it mistress.The bride, in turn, brings small gifts to the future mother-in-law.A bouquet of flowers for his beloved and her mother also did not forget.At the table, usually two families agree on the wedding appoint the date, decide the financial aspects.

# 2

In ancient times, of course everything

looked different.At the bride's house were sent specially trained people, so-called in-laws.We pay a visit usually do not notice the bride's side.With the intent to bride side did not have time to hide any defects in the home and to the girl.Matchmakers strongly touted the groom, his material well, spoke openly about the bride price.Matchmaking has played an important role in bringing the two families.As it was rather the nature of the transaction.Combines two rich families, noble family, well-known names.And most young opinion had no fundamental significance.

# 3

woos a variety of ways.You can follow the ancient traditions and modern twist: to arrange a formal meeting of parents, negotiating the nuances of the upcoming wedding.As today are choosing to woo the bride and groom.Another version of matchmaking - arrange it all scripted.Each participant learns the words you can in verse form or to arrange everything with humor.It is also possible to employ as a matchmaker matchmaker or toastmaster, so that the event looked more festive with costumes and professional.Anyway courtship ritual - a pleasant and a bit troublesome event for young people.

# 4

After woo young, you can declare the engagement to friends, acquaintances, distant relatives.This is usually all gather in a restaurant, cafe.You can also announce the engagement on a shared family event (anniversary, anniversary).Groom officially witnesses gives the bride a ring with a stone.If you wish, you can give a promise to each other before the altar.Engagement is a tacit agreement on the future wedding.And after it is usually neither the groom nor the bride to give up do not have the moral right of the wedding.In order not to fall into the eyes of two families.On the engagement with family and friends informed of the number and time to which is assigned the wedding.

# 5

rites of courtship and engagement are pleasant and a bit troublesome.But this is only the first step towards marriage school.And only depends on the young they will be on the "five" live and learn through life hand in hand.