How to get back his wife after divorce?

How to get back his wife after divorce?
You will need:
  • Love.
  • desire.
  • confidence in their abilities.
# 1

If men from wife left him and he wants it back, he needs to understand that the conventional romantic dinner will not be able to do in a restaurant.First of all, you need to understand the reason for her departure.Most often it is in the wrong behavior of men.Most likely, his wife felt that he gave her a little time, it was not enough compliments and pleasant surprises, and so on.When the reason is clear, you have to think about how to return the wife after divorce.In the first place, to return to his ex-wife, a man needs to change its image.Previously, he does not particularly interested and fascinated, but now he needs to broaden their interests - to start going to the gym (in this case, by the way, an additional "bonus" will be pumped up body and nice figure), you can begin to meet more often with friends,but not to drink, but in order to learn more about their hobbies and may choose one or more of them.This period typical

ly takes 1 to 2 months.

# 2

Next, you need to arrange a meeting with his wife.Either agree to it in advance, or if for some reason impossible, to make a "chance meeting".This can be done to find out what places she often visited and came back to a time when the favorite there.At the time of meeting the man's face should express joy.He should smile, the smile must be iskrenney.Vstrecha should be short, light and positive.To increase shansyvernut wife after a divorce, you can negotiate with her sister or friend that she would call at a certain time.The wife must be sure that the fan is calling and wants to meet.After a telephone conversation a man should, referring to employment, to leave (required to apologize for it).Of course, it may seem cruel, but a little deception to stir up the feelings of the wife, does not hurt.

# 3

meeting with the wife must be completed so that she did not know whether it can rely on the following.And man should give his wife hope that the family can be restored, but then take it.For example, during a chance meeting can be specifically "not notice" it.And while the other - a romantic dinner for her and, at the same time, make it clear that it is only gratitude for all that has been.And no more! Then there are two versions of events.Either wait until she takes the first step, or, if a man does not want to wait for her initiative and her husband wants to return quickly, then he needs to observe its behavior.Once it becomes clear that it is ready and willing to come back, you can write her a letter.Better by hand.

# 4

The letter need to describe her emotions after the divorce, tell that visited doubts about whether it is a woman who need it, but they were quickly forced out of the idea that it really is thatshe was a wonderful woman and so dalee.Glavnoe, to draw up a text of the letter.In order not to show weakness, because then it can be lost forever.By the way, men's weakness is the main problem.It prevents a man, he is afraid to take steps towards its goal, afraid of failure.He is confident that will not work.In this case, you need to be able to overcome this weakness and uncertainty in the forces.If a man will cope with this, it means that he has all the chances to return the beloved.