How to cure jealousy ?

How to cure jealousy ?
You will need:
  • psychological work on oneself
  • conversation with a partner
  • interesting hobby
  • psychologist
# 1

Jealousy destroys a person from the inside.And often it leads to the fact that his relationship with the opposite sex and not getting through to its logical conclusion.Jealous people dream to get rid of his "illness".Can not it just a few.Magic pill jealousy does not exist.The only effective remedy is to long-term psychological work on oneself.This primarily concerns the development of such qualities as self-confidence.This includes awareness of its uniqueness in the eyes of a partner, a high assessment of his personality.Once this happens, the idea of ​​jealousy will come to a head much less, and maybe even leave it.

# 2

How to get rid of jealousy, if a partner makes this an excuse?In this case it is necessary to bring a soul mate to a frank conversation.It is possible that she did not realize that one or other his actions hurt a loved one.

# 3

Sometimes it's better

not to know about the little "skeletons in the closet" of the elect (or the chosen).That partner afford to leave your room in a cafe stranger, it does not mean anything.Man has once again proved to himself that he is "male" anywhere and in a good mood returned to his one and only "female".Is it worth doing this scandal?Developing the ability to once again not to climb into other people's pockets - this is another way to solve the problem, how to treat jealousy.

# 4

And even better - to do interesting work.Often jealousy is born, strange as it sounds, out of boredom.Just fill in an excess of free time to solve the problem permanently.

# 5

Since jealousy treat yourself not all the strength, it makes sense to address to the psychologist.There are many professionals involved in such cases.They certainly will be able to put everything in its place, if the patient will not be obstinate.After all, it happens sometimes that some people like yourself hassle.