How to return his wife and child , and to improve relations ?

How to return his wife and child , and to improve relations ?
You will need:
  • wife
  • child
  • family relationships
  • mutual
  • family
  • desire to return to his wife
# 1

life in the family - it is work, and work onrelationship on an ongoing basis.Play in one direction there is inadmissible, in this case, the family will collapse, disintegrate into very small fragments to piece together that it would be extremely problematic.And most of all strength, patience and the desire to restore the family from the ruins, will sooner or later a little.Of course, conflicts have always been and will be the case.That's how the people.And if there was a way that went disorder, it is necessary to adjust.But this process oboyudo.In a case where the originator of the conflict a man, then he and the cards in your hand, in matters of how to establish a relationship with his wife and how to get it.Of course, women are different, but the needs of almost all the same.

# 2

What a woman needs?Attention, affection, care, the opportunity to perch oneself to shoulder to her hea

rd or listened to a little help IRS..Further woman flies, flutters and lives.Another question, when the child is in the family.Here, as a rule, a young mother fully gives himself to the child and the time her husband becomes dangerously low.But at the same time fights and quarrels are more frequent because of the woman weariness.Sometimes it comes to care and young mothers with a child out of the house.In this case, return the wife with the baby the first task of a young dad.Reasons for withdrawal may be different of course.Up to the fact that her husband, feeling a certain remoteness of his wife, he withdraws into himself and in the end the couple lose contact with each other.To solve the problem how to bring his wife and child to the family, relatives and connect.

# 3

Nowadays this problem is quite relevant, online publications are full of tips and family psychologists give online advice and actively promote psychological assistance in resolving this issue to the masses.Of course, help in such a situation is needed, but this problem can be solved independently.After all, who but a native husband knows his wife inside and out, with all its pluses and minuses, needs and weaknesses.And having this knowledge, only a man can regain his wife and child in the family.One of the first important things is that the young mother gets tired.After all, if we consider the daily routine, in general, it's not easy, but difficult and psychologically as well.To establish relations with his wife and return it with your child in native walls, need perseverance, time, and of course a lot of love.

# 4

The most important thing is to show his wife that he and Dad could easily deal with a child, and it is not worth a single mom pull your whole life.It is clear that the hassle is added when a toddler.But housework is not going away, cooking, cleaning, plus increased several times the number of washes and glazhek.And so it is necessary to maintain himself in shape.The woman really tired.Therefore, it is necessary to show her dad too can "anything."To help his wife at home, or shopping, or to walks with the baby, a lot of variants.It is important to give the young mother and the day of rest.

# 5

so she could get some sleep, meet with my friends, go to the hairdresser, to feel like a woman rather than ride a horse that rushes from the mixture to the washing of laundry in an ironing board, and then to the kitchen, and in the intervalsdo not forget about Chad.Another important point is to spend more time together.Do not rely on tired, employment, because it is too tired, and lessons she has much more than that of a working man.It is possible to arrange a joint evenings, or days, giving the child in the care of grandparents.Visit theaters, museums, restaurants.Although nowadays society adequately responds to couples with toddlers in public institutions, yet, it is necessary to rest sometimes and without offspring.

# 6

If the child is an adult, you should return and its location to him.Situations where the pope indifferent to education and communication with the child is not uncommon.In this case, and the child can turn and withdraw.But, to return the location of a child easier than women, ie the mothers of the child.Establish a relationship with the wife of a little more difficult, but not impossible, for those who want to be it.With a woman it is important to say, it is important to listen to a woman.It is necessary to give it the opportunity to express all that she had boiled.Just listen and draw conclusions for themselves.Perhaps after the monologue would be made clear clarity reasons for quarrels and scandals, as well as coldness, lack of and so. On. For women important things, but not a word, so to return to his wife in the family "nest", you must not say, namely,do.

# 7

Actions - the best motivation and the figure for women.Although it is well known that women love the ears, but in the case of family life, to engage in "talking shop" rotten deal, so she pulled away even further, and will remove the child.Most likely motives for the care she had plenty, and most of all, the vast majority of them have been quite adequate.So it is important for men to do, not talk.First of all - the men who want to keep the family together.