How to cheer up a girl on the Internet?

How to cheer up a girl on the Internet?
You will need:
  • Internet.
  • means a virtual gift or movie tickets.
  • positive attitude.
# 1

Girls are very susceptible to a variety of problems.Often ordinary little thing like a broken nail can spoil their mood for the day.How to cheer up a girl on the Internet, if you can not see her?There are enough ways to do it, but every girl needs a special approach.After all, on the contrary, you can inadvertently upset her even more.To cheer up the girl quickly, often you just need to distract her from bad thoughts.To do this, you need to know well about her hobbies.After all, you can ask her, for instance, how to care for Persian kittens (if, of course, she is well versed in this).Then she completely immersed in the stories and explanations about what is possible and what is impossible.And that because of what she was about to burst into tears a few minutes ago, she immediately forgets.

# 2

also well to make a girl smile a virtual gift.This can be a big bouquet of flowers with the words "the mos

t attractive!"or cute smiling hare.Choosing gifts is great.The main front of this to try to find out what upset girl.Suddenly she was crying because of the fact that her beloved dog was ill, and then she also sees a picture of a cute little dog.In this case, it can all get out of the network for a long time there poyavlyatsya.Nikogda girl can not write messages such as: "do not be sad," "do not worry", and so on.It will look just as if a man dying of thirst, saying, "Do not think about the water!".

# 3

can try to offer the girl to walk on the evening city.Or write something like, "By the way, my brother and I were going to go to the movies, but it appeared the case A tickets remained Let's go together..?"Most likely, she will agree, because it would be a pity if because of its refusal man stay at home, and the tickets will be gone just like that.The main thing that the film was not a melodrama and a thriller.Best of all, if it is komediya.Posle being able to cheer a little girl, in any case can not remind her of her recent sad words, like, "Well, here, you see nothing you crying!".In this case, all her positive attitude can instantly disappear, as if it had never been.And she again remembered about his recent experiences, may fall into an even deeper depressiyu.Proschayas with a girl to write her a message, which does not allow her to sleep and wake up the next day in a bad mood.You can write like this: "Thank you for the wonderful evening spent Your smile will dream of me all night And tomorrow, I hope the sun will shine brighter because your hair is so beautiful shine of his light!".