How to make a favorite romantic evening at home?

How to make a favorite romantic evening at home?
You will need:
  • Dinner
  • situation
  • Appearance
  • evening program
# 1

Dinner.Nobody would argue that romantic uzhindlya loved one at home will not be able to do without food.Here we must be careful, especially in the amount of food, so after a hearty snack only on the forces that would be enough - it is watching TV on the couch.Therefore, the girl is necessary to think carefully about the menu: it must be refined, easy and, of course, like the beloved.As a result, the favorite will appreciate the culinary talents of his lady.If she speaks on "you" with pots and stove, you have to spend and enjoy a meal in the restaurant or ask for help from friends in the kitchen.

# 2

situation.Delicious food - it's a good half of the evening, but I want romance.Girl, puzzling over how to make a romantic favorite at home, and should think about the situation.Naturally, intimate.Candles - that's the best kind of lighting that will make the whole house tune up a whole new way.Indeed, the change in lighti

ng - is the easiest way to completely change the room.You can add flowers and get a dozen other small pillows of silk shiny fabric.These pads should scatter throughout the room, including the floor, because it is not known where the couple will their passion.Another important point - is the smell.No no!Do not spray bottle of air freshener in the apartment, it is better to take advantage of oriental spices in the form of scented candles, tobacco sticks or aroma lamp - to choose from.Another nuance - is purity.You can do without a few elements of romantic decor, but cleanliness should be ideal.Any guy will appreciate.

# 3

Appearance.You do not stop for a long time.Each normal girl watching their appearance, and a romantic dinner for a loved one at home - yet another reason to make myself pleasing and, for example, to go to the barber shop and update manicure.To be sure, so to speak, in its irresistibility.But the outfit should be chosen with care.And it must begin with the beautiful underwear.Every girl knows that it must be of high quality, and therefore expensive, so save on such things is not worth it, especially on such an evening.As for outerwear, there is a need to approach close to the subject of dinner.That is, if the subject matter relates to the eastern style, then you can get dressed in the east.It is not necessary for it to sew a costume, you can simply do a translucent dress with a corresponding pattern.Fortunately, now in stores you can find almost everything.

# 4

evening program.As with any event, a romantic dinner requires its own program.This is done in order to, for example, do not look nervous desired disc with the music or the necessary glasses.It is desirable in this case to learn something new and make a surprise to your loved one.Several massage lessons or other activities the triple-strip-dance will be enjoyed by both the elect and the executor.Generally very romantic dinner can be arranged not only in honor of an important date for couples.After all, feelings do not know the numbers, so you should not postpone a pleasant surprise for a month, when it can be done tonight!