How to congratulate his birthday my mother ?

How to congratulate his birthday my mother ?
You will need:
  • landscape distilled
  • balloons
  • Viennese wafers
  • whipped cream
  • jam / syrup
  • candle in the form of mother's age (the second number - in the form of a question)
# 1

This article is for those who want to congratulate the most important thing in life soy man - his mother on her birthday!The best option is to make a card yourself, how it did in childhood.You will need a sheet of landscape and what it needs to decorate.Fantasia will help in this!You can make a card in my mother's favorite color, you can paste in the leaves, which are collected in the fall when my mother and carefully zasushivat in the books, you can paste pressed torn for mom sometime in early childhood flower - it will be the best gift.It is not necessary to write greetings in verse, it is not necessary to write off the congratulations from the Internet.

# 2

need only write about his love for my mother, about what is good, kind, caring, excellent, the best.She would be very pleased to read it is written

from the heart greeting beloved son or daughter.We must rise early in the morning, while mom is sleeping, and hang around the house balloons.Then run and buy fresh flowers.Let it not be great, not expensive bouquet, but it will be loved by the child.The best part for mothers - to receive flowers from their children.This is a real holiday for mum!

# 3

Both boys and girls can try to bake a simple cake for Mom.Or even make it without baking.A delicious and original recipe that will please any mom - this morning cake Viennese wafers.Pre-need to buy 5-6 packs of Viennese wafers.Squares or rectangles - cut diagonally to make a triangle.Then, the triangles on a beautiful dish to form a circle and overlay a circle so everyone at each other.Above you can decorate with whipped cream and raspberry (or any other) syrup or jam.In the middle put a candle in the form of mother's age.

# 4

And even better: the first digit is left unchanged, and instead put a second question.Because women are so fond of hiding your age, so want to remain forever young.And, of course, the most important thing - it is tightly hug and kiss my mother.This will be the main prize - the child's attention and love.Mom is the best in the world, they care about children, children grow up and have to take care of the moms.Now there is no question as to congratulate his mother on his birthday.The main thing to give her affection and care, and to please her pleasant trifles.