How to get back ex-boyfriend , if he has a girlfriend ?

How to get back ex-boyfriend , if he has a girlfriend ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Desire
  • Love
  • The goal
# 1

Very often, the guy and the girl to part, sincerely believing that their love story all over.But still in my heart many young ladies are hoping that the beloved will soon come to its senses and come back.Sometimes, however, they can expect a complete disappointment because another passion has already been found and it is believed a new lover.So what to do in such cases, because the feelings in vulnerable maiden soul has not fully cooled down, but the desire to return to deprive of sleep and rest?First of all, do not despair, because in fact all is not lost.On the women's side of the experience, the knowledge of their habits is the ex-lover, as well as mutual friends and talking points.This is just to help revive the old feelings and prove to him that love has not gone.We need to act, but how to get ex-boyfriend, if he has a girlfriend?

# 2

The first thing you need to change your usual style, choose for themselves the most unexpect

ed way.Not worth the next day ringing him round the clock and in paints describe about their sincere feelings.The first time you need to calm down, to treat the nerves, "patch up" the heart, gain self-confidence and some mutate externally to the fatal meeting forced him to look at the ex-girlfriend with new eyes.But here is to understand that it is best to cross in the place that is memorable for both.It can be a park, which once held a first date;cafe which is often spent time together;well, or store where made joint purchases.That is, it should be a place that refreshes arbitrarily pleasant memories and a feeling of mild nostalgia for the departed days.

# 3

During such "unexpected" meetings behave importantly very reserved, but in any case not to rush to his neck now someone else's guy with the passionate confessions, otherwise you can get into the not very good position before the new passions.Suffice modest smile and a polite nod, that he realized that there were no hard feelings in the soul remains.As a rule, men baffling such a strange, in their view the behavior, because they simply believe that women should not sleep at night, and all the tears sob after parting with them.If they see that the former beloved enough that look great, so also do not hide good mood, creep curious thought, but cats are beginning to scrape the soul.This increased interest in their past relationships only girl in her arms, because she has made her - about her still think.

# 4

However, this do not stop on the way to achieving this goal.So, it could still be interested, but now is the time to accidentally appear in the general friends, at the same time to demonstrate all their cheerfulness and positive.By former Man is not worth it, otherwise he will think that it is specially prepared demonstration performance for him.The best way to communicate with everyone, and ask him about the affairs, the mood and plans, making it clear that any "awkward pauses and moments of silence sorrowful" is not expected.Thus, he soon relaxes in society ex-girlfriend, and therefore have to be treated for it is much warmer.New passion and not be able to make a claim, because then hanging out there is nothing superfluous, and provocative.

# 5

Yet how to get the guy if he has a girlfriend?In this case, it all depends on "weak halves," and men - being voiceless, and where they go, there they will follow.But to send her lover to his (correct) side, it is imperative to get more information about his opponent, in particular, who she is, where she lives and learn what is interested and involved in their spare time, as well as, if possible, to find out about her planson the new guy.As is known, knowledgeable, is forearmed, and in love, as in war, all means are good.Therefore, such information will help you become better at least on one level, and men love the ideal of all women.If the opponent is in the whole play, the first man on the subconscious level will reflect the return of past relationships, and then return to the family.

# 6

Finally, in all respects, honesty is important, that is not always necessary to build complex strategies, wishing to regain the beloved, sometimes it is necessary just to talk heart to heart, opened his heart and showing unconditional love.Sometimes there is a need to communicate with a new girlfriend and tell her that love still lives in your heart.However, in any case, such a method is suitable only for those couples in which there are high spiritual relationship and not primitive lust.When a new girl will understand the whole situation and feel the sincerity of these words, then she stepped back, to allow the two loving hearts reunited.So in each case needs an individual approach, because who does not like ex-girlfriend knows about the nature of his ex-lover, to press in time for the desired strings.