How to learn not to be jealous of her husband ?

How to learn not to be jealous of her husband ?
You will need:
  • love to her husband.
  • heart to heart conversation.
  • Specialist consultation.
  • Confidence
# 1

Very often the cause of quarrels and conflicts within the family is jealous of both or one of the spouses.Many people suffer because of it, but nothing can not help it.Most often, it is women who are wondering how to not be jealous of her husband to another zhenschinam.Nauchitsya not jealous husband can be, above all, really want this.The first thing to understand what exactly is the cause of jealousy feelings.This may be too frequent communication with the husband of the fair sex (for example, at work).Jealousy can also occur to specific women (such as his old friend or neighbor).And it so happens that my wife is jealous of her husband to all women without exception.Even for a simple smile of courtesy unfamiliar cashier in a supermarket men sometimes have to hear from the wives of so many unpleasant and hurtful words about themselves.

# 2

This can be called pathological jealous

y.It arises because of the strong complexing of the spouses, because of its lack of confidence in their beauty and so on.To get rid of this type of jealousy, a woman needs to love yourself.She needs to understand that if my husband chose her life partner, then, after all he likes her as a woman.And their eternal suspicions, it can only destroy the marriage and to lose a loved one forever.So insecure women need to start doing them.If you are not satisfied with the figure - to start to go to fitness.If you do not like the hairstyle - a beauty salon and a radically or very little change hairstyle and hair color.If not satisfied with the style of clothing - to consult a stylist and ask his advice about changing the image.When she starts to do his own appearance, she just did not have time to scandals.Especially as it is so beautiful and rejuvenated can be jealous?That he should now be jealous of her, and she simply can not be rivals!

# 3

How to cope with jealousy to certain women?To do this, you need to understand why they turned her attention to the woman.If just because they look good and this gives it to them, then it will help the advice given above.If you just think her husband is too cute with them chatting and flirting, then there really should talk to her husband.We need to let him know that because of such communication can ruin a marriage.What is more important to him?Calm in the family or the attention of those persons?Most likely, he agrees with his wife and try to behave so as not to call it jealousy.The main thing, during this conversation, try to maintain a calm and balanced tone in any case not to make the husband accused of treason.

# 4

You just need to explain that it causes strain and wife wife perezhivat.Chastoe communication with representatives of the fair sex, associated with his work, too, can cause jealousy in women.Especially, if by virtue of his employment, he may not be able to answer her calls.In this case, it could invent such love scenes with the participation of women and her husband, that any director would envy.In this situation, too, needs a heart to heart conversation.If possible, the husband can change jobs.Then all at once it becomes good.If not, then the wife should think, and what his colleagues might be interested in it and attract?Most likely it will come at the conclusion that there is nothing attractive, then they do not have.And all her fears and suspicions were groundless and far-fetched.