How to call a man a passion : the art of seduction

How to call a man a passion : the art of seduction
You will need:
  • clothes
  • flavor
  • music
  • food
  • color therapy
# 1

Passions sometimes destroy people.But without them, human life would be boring and ordinary.Passion stirs the senses and explodes.Women who are able to induce passion in a man, will remain in his memory forever.Learning how to hang men for the living is easy.There are some general guidelines that will help to seduce a man.Unique these universal principles makes individuality and uniqueness of each girl.So, how to bring the passion of a man?

# 2

an important role in this case played a wardrobe girl.Not for nothing stockings and high-heeled shoes have long been considered erotic - they really attract the attention of men.As you know, the most difficult - is to attract attention.Then ignite the passion in a man interested is not difficult.In addition to stocking and shoe fit blouse with a deep neckline and, of course, short skirts.This excites a woman and a man never wonders how to renew the passion in your partner.

# 3

woman who seeks to understand the art of seduction, must necessarily follow the other.Fatal women always look gorgeous no matter how many hours they worked.Well-groomed woman is of interest and wonder in men.The image of the beautiful, which is able to conquer the opposite sex, great value also plays a fragrance (men are very sensitive to odors).Enchanted fragrance woman, they forget how to distinguish love from passion: these are two important components of relationship will merge into one.

# 4

If you want to call a man a passion, it is necessary to resort to training.Unobtrusive, of course.For example, you should try to make sure that a certain melody of a man is always associated with a fatal beauty.The way to a man's heart, as everyone knows, is through his stomach.Even Beauty must be able to feed.Cooking products must be aphrodisiacs - are the ones that will help in kindling passion.Oysters, strawberries, chocolate, avocado and even bananas can help in how to regain the passion and give birth to a new one.

# 5

can not be in seduction does not give adequate color therapy.A well-chosen colors will help ignite a passion and seduce a man.With the help of colors and can also soothe the elect.It is important to know that the red - the perfect color for clothing femme fatale, and the black - for her underwear.But if you want to learn how to show the passion that these colors can be used, and vice versa.This green color is most preferred for the interior, and Orange - for bedding.These are the little tricks of a woman who knows how to seduce men and to achieve their goals.