How to support a loved one ?

How to support a loved one ?
You will need:
  • moral support
  • Material support
  • physical support
  • Help associated with the profession or social relations
# 1

moral support.A man never knows that warns him in life.Unfortunately, it happens and so that the sudden problem literally knocked down.Man is lost, does not know what he should do and what to do.It begins depression with which we must be able to fight.Instead, the request to help a lot of people drown their problems in alcohol, which leads to even more negative consequences.Sometimes people are just embarrassed to say that can not cope with something.However, even simple moral support provided by family and friends can help a lot to overcome all the difficulties of life and enjoy life as before.This better not be limited to a conversation on the phone.A person present important communication, face to face.That is how he will feel the desire to help fully.

# 2

Psychological support.It requires some knowledge and skills in the field of psychology.In addition,

to support a person psychologically, you must be familiar with his character and temperament, for example, if the words of support will be picked up unsuccessfully for your loved one, understanding them can significantly distorted.Man can not always himself to ask for help, it is important to feel that he needs it.Support can and should be at the loss of loved one, serious illness, failures in work or in your personal life, and if a person wants to do something new, or to decide on a radical change in his life, but he lacks the determination to do so.The best way to strengthen the relationship in a pair - is to enjoy each other's successes, even the most insignificant, and empathize with the problems, regardless of their scale.

# 3

Financial Support.Unfortunately, such situations occur, and that the support of a loved one is not effective enough words.If a person is left without work, or got into debt, or found out that you need expensive treatment, the best kind of help will be funding.The amount of financial support is not important - the main thing to prove their involvement in the problem.Not all people are ready to take the money, so you can help, such as food, clothes and other necessary things in everyday life.Most likely, the first attempts to help so do not cause approval, but it is only a manifestation of human pride.Important softness, but perseverance, then comes to help the needy and help as soon as possible to overcome the black band of his life.

# 4

physical support.It is necessary in a variety of situations related to health, from the banal to the broken leg severe chronic diseases and conditions after surgery.Of course, in such cases, you can do a nurse, but a person temporarily or permanently incapacitated much nicer to see the next person is not someone else's, and native or close.Even if a person was hospitalized with a trifling injury, or enrolled for treatment in a planned manner, visits friends and family will brighten their stay there.The feeling of being wanted is necessary to get positive emotions.Constant visits to the patient turns his hospital stay at this resort, which will accelerate recovery.Support the loved one - the work for which all the rest can wait.

# 5

Help associated with the profession or social relations.It's no secret that in our country many still solved with the help of friends.A person may need help, such as employment in the specialty after the end of the educational institutions of secondary or higher education, finding a good specialist in any field, and so on.It may well be that it is necessary to find a specialist is quite easy - just ask at friends and relatives about it.People used to believe no advertising, and the advice of other people, and rightly so.Support the loved one in such a situation amounts to a statement of personal recommendations and provide the necessary contact information.What to do with the information - he decides.

# 6

There are also other types of support.So, a religious man helping prayers, his family and people.Daily support is formed in the elementary companionship and small tips for everyday life, relationships, work.Sometimes the help can come from complete strangers - for example, if a person has an accident on a deserted road, and apart from the occasional passing empty.It is important not only to provide assistance to others, but also to receive in return at least a simple "thank you".Do not forget to say thanks to other people, and then in a difficult moment no one will forget to help and support in return.In this consists the existence of society as a whole.