How to convince the interlocutor that he was right ?

How to convince the interlocutor that he was right ?
You will need:
  • Strong arguments
  • Facts
  • Courtesy
  • Eloquence
  • Oratory skills
# 1

It's no secret that the dispute - it is an integral part of the humancommunication, which, as they say, "the truth is born."Often, however, such verbal debate last very long, because neither side agrees with the views of the opponent, and trying by all means to prove their case.There is quite a reasonable question, and how to convince the interlocutor, without spending a lot of free time activity?

# 2

Well, of course, in this case, can not do without oratorical skill and eloquence, which, in turn, are able to withstand any verbal attacks.So it must be a lively interest in public life, politics and culture, so that any dispute not feel the lack of words and the sense of ignorance in some matter.It is recommended to read more, watch educational programs on TV and lead-rounded lifestyle.

# 3

Sometimes in conversation there is a serious dispute in which it is important to know how to put a person on t

he spot.It is not necessary to focus on the dispute, since the verbal wrangling can hardly convince anyone that they are right.In addition, the instigator gets nervous, and sometimes even have a sense of extreme aggression.In such cases, the opponent will be sure to have won the dispute and feel winner in this rhetorical skirmish.This can not be allowed in any case.

# 4

So the dispute and justice - the concept is not compatible, and should not impose their views interlocutor, and his arguments to prove, achieving that your opponent has run out the facts and words.If in such a dialogue there was a long pause on the part of the interlocutor, you can consider yourself a winner in this "battle of words and arguments."Indeed, just silence, and it would mean that the dispute is over in your favor.

# 5

Any communication begins with mutual respect, so before you argue with someone on any topic, it is important to earn his trust, so that later it was acceptable arguments and facts cited in the dialogue.In addition it is important to remember that to convince the person that they are right only if he is 100% feels right.If in the extended theory gaps, then the source is required to ask the question that people just do not find the answer.And then his whole theory of righteousness will be nullified, and the interest in the conversation suddenly disappear.

# 6

That is why you should always have strong arguments and belief in his innocence.If the dispute was fastened in a telephone conversation, in order to save their own funds it is important to know how to call by the interlocutor.It is important to understand and to the point that in verbal debates need a trick, because the source is unlikely to want to accept a fool.That is why you can start a dialogue as follows: "Yes, here in this you are right, of course, but here's your logic is not entirely true and is this.!"

# 7

Anyway, in any dialogue is important to choose the way how to become a good company, because only then will present in the conversation and the excitement of lively interest.In a dispute it is important to get the opponent the word "Yes", which will mean an unconditional victory.