How do you know about the betrayal of his wife ?

How do you know about the betrayal of his wife ?
You will need:
  • Care.
  • ability to pay attention to detail.
  • private detective.
# 1

Almost every man much jealous of his wife.Someone is trying not to show it.Someone, on the contrary, a scene of jealousy, delves into her phone, laptop in search compromising someone starts interrogation.Everyone has different ways, but one goal - to ensure loyalty to his wife, or the reverse.Instead of wasting your time, energy to such an action, thereby nerviruya and irritating, and his wife, and myself, you just need to be more careful.To learn how to find out about the betrayal of his wife, you can get a lot of advice from friends and acquaintances.Most of these tips will be incorrect.Because these people are unlikely to be familiar with the psychology of women.If she really will be someone on the side, it immediately becomes evident in her behavior.Here are all the signs of infidelity.

# 2

It is worth considering if it suddenly changed interests.For example, she was never interested in football (muse

ums, dogs fighting breeds, etc.), when he became a specialist in this field.You also need to pay attention to the sharp change of tastes.For example, after 5 years of marriage, she suddenly decided that Mazda is much more convenient to our "Kalina", and ties for a long time no one is.Although a couple of weeks ago, she believed that Mazda - a breed of Italian cats and tie six months ago, she also gave a birthday.Here's advice on how to find out about the treason favorite - it has revamped its image.Suddenly hair cut or decided to grow their hair, I started to go to the fitness, threw all her old clothes and out of a business woman turned into a light and airy Miss Charm.When his wife suddenly began to pay less attention to the fact that her husband drank a bottle of beer after work;that she promised the dishwasher did not work, but in a good mood namyvaet dishes by hand, while singing songs and dancing, it is a sure sign that change is likely to be the case.

# 3

Late return home and vague explanations and irritation on a completely innocent questions, too, are a kind of "wake-up call."For example: "-.. I'm sorry, dear, for being late to swing with friends - What talking - Well, you're always questioning me ??? satisfied?"Etc.Although, if the explanation is not vague on the contrary, as crisp and clear as the orders of the war, it is worth considering, too: for what and why she crammed the text?You also need to think about, when suddenly my wife came increased interest in the phone.Especially if used her cell lying, anywhere, everywhere and now she carries it with him.It is unlikely that this is due to the fact that it began more than keep order.What underwear should be periodically updated, it is, of course, is normal.But if the wife to her husband always goes an old bra and shorts, parachutes, and for going to visit a friend suddenly buys a graceful set of lacy underwear and red stockings in a grid, to put it mildly, strange.

# 4

course, signs of infidelity can be described as very much, but, at first, not the fact that it really changes.Maybe she just decided to change yourself for the better, to love her husband became even stronger.Secondly, it may be, after buying a washing machine and Multivarki his wife became more free time, she decided to spend the favorite, having been engaged in her figure, face, image and self-development.Still, learn it is not so easy on the betrayal of his wife.Women by nature are cunning and treacherous.It is unlikely that she will behave recklessly because she did not want on her unfaithful husband learned.On the contrary, it will make every effort that he did not have the slightest suspicion.Therefore, if you have the opportunity to hire a private investigator, who will walk on her heels, and then provide the full photo and video report, it is easier to do so.Although, if the wife is innocent and finds out about this, it is unlikely that it will react calmly and did not want a scandal.In general, you need a lot of time to think and weigh the pros and cons before you arrange the investigation.