How to win the girl , if she already has a boyfriend ?

How to win the girl , if she already has a boyfriend ?
You will need:
  • guy
  • Girl
# 1

men in their human nature hunters, they always want to conquer and subjugate women.However, in today's world it is not easy, because most of the time people spend at work or school, and to privacy is not enough time.And many men begin to interest the question of how to win the girl?Make it is not difficult, you just need to figure out exactly what he wants this girl, what her interests, what she likes to do.If she loves to sing, you can invite her to a concert.If painting - an art gallery.Maybe she loves to dance - then we can organize a joint trip to the nightclub.In any case, be sure to take into account their interests and make sure that this meeting would be from the girl left only pleasant impressions.

# 2

Of course, if she has a boyfriend, will make it more complicated.We need to show all their skills, put yourself in the best light.Mandatory so-called "candy buketny period."All girls love when cared for.Give flowers, candy, lead by cafes and restau

rants, exhibitions, theaters and museums.However, modern girls difficult than a surprise, it is necessary to come up with something creative.For example, you give live butterflies.This beautiful and unusual, such a gift be sure to attract attention.Special company will deliver a beautifully packaged box and when she opens it, there vyporhnet dozens of beautiful butterflies that are better words to talk about feelings.Singing candles, voice cards on the phone - all these nice little things necessarily cause a smile every girl.

# 3

There are several ways to win the girl if she has a boyfriend.Also unusual gift, you can make a nice romantic date.Now there are lots of ways to please a loved one.A ride by boat, take a walk through the dark streets and run "sky lanterns", dinner in a small restaurant with pleasant music.If a girl loves animals, a great option romantic date - horse riding.Horse riding in the open air - what could be nicer.Whatever the format of dates has not been selected - the main thing is to invest in all of his actions and feelings of the soul, only then all the actions will appear genuine.

# 4

There are also more complex situation where the question arises: how to get ex-girlfriend if she has a boyfriend?It is important to understand, because of what happened the separation, what is the reason and fix it.You must try again to become a close friend girl: cute send sms, call with the wishes of good morning and good night, have other signs of attention.This does not mean that you have to spend large sums of money.You can buy a nice postcard and write on it the kind words.We must often remind former girlfriend of joint relations, try to bring about positive nostalgic feelings in her.Maybe then it will start to regret that while the relationship did not work out and want to try to start over.

# 5

in winning a girl is important not to make mistakes, not to scare or hurt the girl.Try to become friends, the indispensable man.We must make sure that these relations would cause the girl only pleasant emotions.If you do not skimp on the account, she certainly reciprocate and perhaps this will be the beginning of a love strong union.