How to change the name after the divorce : expert advice

How to change the name after the divorce : expert advice
You will need:
  • passport
  • birth certificate of children
  • act of registration of divorce
  • funds to pay state duty
# 1

Change the name - the first thing women desire.How to change the name after the divorce?This is a rather time-consuming, since it is associated with registration and re-registration of various documents.So the first thing you need - to be patient, and visit the civil status department at their home to write a corresponding statement about the desire to change the name.

# 2

How to survive the divorce of parents to children - more difficult task than simply change the name after the divorce, but for women it is an important step that will save her from unnecessary memories.Therefore, the application form should write their initials, date of birth, residential address, number and title of the act of civil status, the name of that woman would like to wear.You also need to provide information about the children, if they exist.

# 3

How to help survive the divorce - wom

an decides for itself.Changing names - one of the items.The next thing to do is to attach to the request for change of name required documents: passport, certificate of divorce registration, document its birth and the birth of children, if any.

# 4

Issues related to how to divide the children in a divorce and how to restore the old name, frequently asked.And the next step if you want to change the name - this is required payment of the state fee for replacing the names and other necessary documents in connection with this procedure.Payment is possible either through a bank or in the corresponding terminal.

# 5

Every woman wants family happiness, even if life has been an error, asking, for example, the question: how to get married after a divorce?The main thing - the desire and patience, as well as in the names of the replacement procedure.Within one month of the decision will be made on a request for change of name.In the case of a positive decision, you can safely go to the passport office and make the appropriate substitution.Automatic renewal will occur and other necessary documents.