Tips : how to please a guy , how to start?

Tips : how to please a guy , how to start?
You will need:
  • Introspection
  • psychologist Tips
  • Decisiveness
# 1

Every woman at least once felt sympathy for the unknown or unfamiliar to the man and thought about how to get hisattention to the person.Everyone knows the adage that meet on clothes, but even a pretty girl who can not maintain a conversation or behaving provocatively, is unlikely to please the opposite sex.In addition to the exterior, there are other factors that make a woman and charming and noticeable to others.Tips how to please a guy using different methods, described in detail in the article.

# 2

First you need to analyze all the own appearance.This will require to examine himself in the mirror with a critical eye, as if from outside.Are all happy in their own appearance?Perhaps the hair look unkempt, no make-up, the figure is far from ideal, and the clothes hides available esteem.In this case, you need to work on their appearance - go to a beauty salon, exercise, change the wardrobe.Perhaps Woman overcome indec

ision, excessive shyness, shyness.Then it is better to see a specialist, who will tell tips on how to be psychologically healthy.

# 3

We need to love ourselves and gain confidence in their own abilities.It is unlikely that a man will appreciate a beautiful woman, unable to keep the conversation or with a limited view of life.Guys prefer modest erudite woman who at the same time look attractive.Also, a man unlikely to be interested in a conversation with a dull or boring woman, however beautiful it may be, so you need to learn how to become an optimist.10 tips, at least you can get an experienced psychologist who teaches positive thinking.

# 4

known that a good sense of humor the girl is highly valued by men.Gentle jokes and natural good humor adorn a woman, give it flavor and charm.When an acquaintance with a man dreams take place, it is recommended to find common interests and topics of conversation.Maybe the other person will need advice on how to return the girl with whom he is separated.You do not need to avoid these issues, on the contrary, in talking about the "former" is a chance to show their own positive traits that men value - understanding, care, prudence.

# 5

No need to hurry up and please men impose their sympathy.We need to be patient and, to begin with, to be his best friend.To reach that level of trust when it will be possible to discuss even the hidden things and give each other advice on how to have sex.Too rapid development of relations may end fleeting romance.It is necessary to give a man to understand that his new friend - not only a great conversationalist and beautiful woman, but also a potential lover or even a future wife.