How to respond beautifully to the insult : smart swearing

How to respond beautifully to the insult : smart swearing
You will need:
  • specific vocabulary
  • wit
# 1

How to respond beautifully to the insult?In order to most appropriately respond to an insult to the offender, in any case, you must not use it as a weapon.If he used profanity or very rough behaved in a conversation, you just need to in a very polite manner hint at a very mediocre intellectual abilities of the enemy.To select the phrase you need, of course, based on the situation.

# 2

To learn how to properly respond to the abuse, you must follow a few rules.How to respond to insults?So, firstly, what would be angry at such moments did not cover, in any case can not be put on show their feelings, even if within the bubbling ocean of emotions.Appearance should radiate confidence and peace of mind.This discouraged the offender enters into confusion, and it is possible that a conflict has run its course immediately after such behavior.If the curses continue to be, yet it is not necessary to move away from an answer perfectly calm tone, the ans

wer is very clever and hit the offender, even more than with a shout.

# 3

With intelligence can be quite witty retort to any dispute.There are many phrases that can be easy to humiliate and subdue the man, but the smart thing.How clever to respond to an insult?Well-known doctor from the Bulls series "Interns" said one very clever phrase: "Enough to collect words into sentences, you still did not work."By the way, this hero can borrow a lot of apt expressions, though many of them are concerned with the scope of medicine.

# 4

As for how to punish for contempt, you should not retaliate, humiliate and even more to understand by means of fists.The best way to punish the offender - to ignore his insult, skip past the ears, "to include the fool."If the situation is critical, and it is impossible to hold back the emotions that boil, then you can punish and word.It is sometimes even harder than the physical pain.Again, you need to apply all the ingenuity and wit to put in place a person who passed the brink of conflict.How to correctly respond to the insult?First of all do not need to be rude, to raise your voice, use profanity, not to stoop to the level of the interlocutor.We have to show itself as the cultural, educated and intelligent person.