How to find a husband from a trip : the guy comes back from a trip

How to find a husband from a trip : the guy comes back from a trip
You will need:
  • Lacy underwear
  • Posters
  • Love
  • Care
  • Poems
# 1

separation from a loved one is always painful, and it seems like it will never end.Couples break up for a while, as a rule, because of the trip one of the spouses.Women are more emotional and difficult experience a temporary break with loved ones, so the question of how to meet her husband from a trip fit very seriously.Variants on this theme can be a lot of what to choose - a woman should decide, based on the peculiarities of temperament and character of his men.First of all, it is worth thinking about how the spouse will get to the house.If it is riding in a stuffy train car during the day, all that he wants on arrival home - take a bath, eat and go to bed.

# 2

Even new lace underwear and a candlelight dinner will not be able to make it the desired effect.And even more so, he does not appreciate going to the restaurant, because the statute of the way, he just wants to take a horizontal position and stay in a warm home

environment.The easiest way to meet her husband from a trip - is to draw posters reading, narrating all the emotions experienced by the spouse and children, if any, at the time of separation.And it is possible to do the same thing using a verse or song.Recommended for flat paste up arrow, indicating that the husband should do and what may follow.Only you need to follow the sequence of actions in the shower room, kitchen, bedroom.

# 3

Of course, it is not necessary for the bait to give her husband a job to nail a nail, but if you beat it in comic form, or come up with something original kakoe- reward, then all can be.To prepare for the arrival of the wife should be in culinary terms.Do not engage in cooking that - something unusual, it is better to cook his favorite dishes.Let this be a banal and everyday, but my husband will appreciate it, especially because of a business trip includes meals or semi-finished goods, or a meal in the hotel restaurant.Do not forget about the drinks.If the husband loves beer, a couple bottles tucked away in the refrigerator, it will be for him a pleasant surprise.

# 4

After a hearty home-dinner to continue the evening meeting in a romantic setting, but do not move to the bedroom and the bath.You will need to stock up in advance with candles, aromatic oils and scented foam to a hot bath had affected spouse is not relaxing and left him in a dream, and exciting.It is a good gift would be a massage, but to do it you need to carefully to not spend the rest of the night as an observer for the sleeping spouse.If vse-taki forces spent in a long journey, leaving a loved one, do not worry.Rapid celebration of the meeting can be transferred to the next day.And then he was no longer wriggle out of any trip to the restaurant, from nothing - a little more pleasant.

# 5

If a loved one often is away from home on business cases, it is not necessary to be upset and grieve about it.The temporary rest from each other only strengthen the relationship.We must use this time to good use, especially since it will be much more, as eliminate the need for daily cooking.Very useful for beauty fitness club, swimming pool, beauty salon.Especially that such minor changes as a haircut or loss of a pair of kilograms, not disappear from the attentive eye wife.

# 6

After reading all the recommendations, each woman must decide for itself how it will be a long-awaited meeting.Will it be a romantic candlelight dinner or a meeting limited to a passionate kiss, the main thing that a man could feel the love and care about him.