How to punish for contempt in the workplace?

How to punish for contempt in the workplace?
You will need:
  • composure
  • humorous
  • ready-made phrases
# 1

main thing - to get out of the confrontation with dignity, without falling into aggressive tone.How to punish for contempt of a taxi driver who got nasty?Do not slam the door of the car!The door closes and the abuser will go quietly on.The most elegant option - just leave the door open.Of course, it is possible, if a passenger sitting on the rear right seat.The offender will have to work hard: to reach out to the door, or out of the car to its close.Let it at the same time will use a number of swear words.And in response to the passenger sees a condescending smile: "I do not hear Repeat, please...".

# 2

Do not stray to the lexicon of the rowdy and used swear words.It can be hard to breathe, "You are a bad person you humiliate others for self-affirmation.".If the offender continues to rage, let his stunned sympathetic question: "Do you have difficulty with women?" Or "Are you getting into my life, because its not a success?".

Man is worth to know in advance what means he may be abased and how to properly respond to the insult.Good reception - "Mirror".Hearing: "Idiot".answer: "To what impressed me the self-critical interlocutors!" or "It is interesting to listen to the people who so love to say their name out loud" or "Shh Educated people so loudly about themselves do not speak!".

# 3

If you quickly navigate, how to respond beautifully to the insult, for whatever reasons, it is difficult, and the offender is boiling emotions, you can try, without entering into disputes and bickering, find out all the details of his claims."You idiot!" - "On what grounds do you understand?".A person can not simultaneously think logically and to experience emotional intensity, so the offender is required to "cool down."It makes sense to learn as a method of "external consent", in which the response to an insult does not lead to confrontation.response text might be: "Maybe", "I absolutely agree with you," "An interesting thought is necessary to think about it at your leisure.".

# 4

People ponder how to respond to an insult, without thinking that, if we begin to "wind up" and experience, health suffers, because all diseases, as they say, from the nerves.That someone has to?Raise between himself and the offender glass wall, imagine it as a small fish in an aquarium: opens his mouth and says that is not heard.Look how strains of disease?Regret it, do not you trying to get us, but it is impossible!And by the way, why does he do it?Poorly educated?Attempts to assert themselves at our expense?He wants to merge somewhere to his irritation?Poor as it is difficult to live!

# 5

Maybe we should not speculate on the question of how to respond intelligently to the insult.Whether it is worth answering?After all, if an intelligent man raids on street dog, he will not get on all fours and bark in response, and with dignity will pass, as it should be normal mentally healthy person.It is not necessary to demonstrate their spoiled the mood or offense - only that it should be the abuser.There is an old truth: "Never argue with a fool - people can not see the difference between you."Better to just ignore it.It would not be a smart man to take into the account all the stupidity that the offender then uttered with a straight face?

# 6

And most importantly - the man who insulted, is estimated that this will take place in his soul.Those with a healthy soul, do not hurt yourself and do not worry.And let the experts insult trying their best, they will not work if the "victim" is calm and cheerful.