Goji Berries : How many a day can be taken ?

Goji Berries : How many a day can be taken ?
You will need:
  • Dried goji berries
  • Hot water
  • Thermos
# 1

centuries, goji plant accompanied mankind living on the territory of Eurasia.What only titles did not give him different people: and Lycium Barbarum and marriage tree and tea Duke Ardzhilla wood and Berber marital tree, and even the wolf berry (incidentally, the latest people who are far from science, carry a lot of shrubs, even with non-toxicberries).For a long time it was considered a good shrub for hedges, and that its benefits are not just edible, but not bad taste, no one guessed.Only the inhabitants of China and Tibet (which is the main area of ​​growth of berries) long ago discovered many important for the health and longevity of the properties of this plant - goji.However, their secrets, they were in no hurry to share with anyone else, especially with foreigners.

# 2

these mysteries are not opened more than a decade ago.Then the world began to appear studies confirming the benefits of red berries.It was found that the

y affect the body in different directions.Thus, they are beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system because of the fact that inhibit absorption of harmful cholesterol and its deposition on vessel walls.In addition, goji positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helping to accelerate digestion and metabolism.They are useful for other organs and systems of the human body: the eyes, liver, brain and spinal cord, pituitary gland (responsible for the release of growth hormone, which is under the control of sleep, memory and sexual desire).In addition, people who regularly eat it, is unlikely to face infertility.

# 3

Following the tradition of this information made public, many wanted to personally experience the effect of a miracle product.However, it got a serious question as goji berries, how many per day and how often it is allowed to take?Although the legend of the reach of individual Chinese peasants or the Tibetan monks who had lived about two hundred years, and eat the fruit of this plant in unlimited quantities, but the look of these fables is not very plausible.Generally, the same for all dosage berries does not exist.Many, including the sellers of the goods, put the number at about 15-45 grams of dry product, but these data are approximate.It depends primarily on the weight and human body and dietary habits, but also on the problem should be solved by means of the berries.

# 4

It is possible that the unusual sour taste of goji that contain a tiny amount of sugar and a lot of vitamin C (by the way, ten times more than many citrus fruits), do not have to like someone who first tried them.If this still want to continue to eat the berries useful, they can be crushed and added to some dishes: soups, pastries, cereals, and other side dishes.However, suppliers are generally advised to prepare a wonderful product this way: in a thermos with hot water pour dried fruits (at the rate of a tablespoon per cup of liquid) and insist approximately 20-30 minutes.The resulting "tea" drink in divided doses throughout the day, and then eat the berries themselves, because the nutrients they left much more than had time to go to the infusion.

# 5

Generally, the best decision in terms of determining the dosage of goji - as a day to take them - it will be the individual selection by experiment."Seasoned" are advised to start with a lower concentration (eg, a tablespoon at a small thermos), and if you like the taste, then gradually increase the number or vice versa - to reduce the volume of liquid in which the welded berries.In this case the main thing - do not overdo it by putting too much of the product once.No one can say how it would end for the health of the individual.So far only studied the beneficial properties of goji, but really have not been conducted with regard to their hypothetical harm to health, at least in part possible "side effects".So this product is still worth to be careful.