How do you know if a guy likes me ?

How do you know if a guy likes me ?
You will need:
  • Psychological distance
  • Body Language
  • Mimicry
  • Observing the behavior
# 1

Sometimes in a relationship with a man before the woman is the question, how do you know about feelingshe experiences, whether they are in general.Ask about this directly prevents embarrassment or fear to get into a stupid situation.But if it is important for women to know the truth, and the object she also likes, she may very well watch him from the side and come to certain conclusions.If a man trusts the woman that does not tell anyone else, he is attentive to what she says, it is a manifestation of sympathy.You can also judge by their actions.If he is always ready to help, to fulfill her request, behaves differently than in relation to the other, it also says a lot.

# 2

addition to verbal, non-verbal, there are indicators of sympathy.This interpretation of body language and facial expressions.Ways to attract attention with the help of the body is even in animals.For example, they are spread

ing the tail, are fighting for the female.To a lesser extent, but it is also observed in humans.It is not always a woman knows how to interpret the behavior of men.To determine what a person feels an interest, you can even sit on his way into the conversation.If the man's feet are turned to the woman, the body leans forward - it speaks about wanting to be closer.In the case of a barrier, for example, he puts between his body and the body of a woman bag with documents folder, coats or whatever - his legs crossed, as if in an attempt to defend himself.

# 3

young man's relationship with the girl, you can see if you pay attention to his gestures in the hips.If he is sitting or standing, legs wide apart, or hanging over the woman plugs fingers in his belt and swinging, drawing attention to the genital area, it can already tell that he was trying to draw attention to themselves.Check male interest as possible and with the help of a violation of his intimate zone.As is known, there are several areas depending on the distance at which a person takes in a others.For others - social area (one - three meters), for colleagues - personal (fifty - one hundred centimeters), for close - intimate (fifteen - forty-five centimeters).A man who likes a woman, will try to break into her intimate zone: to approach as close as possible to hang back on the chair, trying to touch.Also, the woman herself can check his interest if invade personal space.If the man with the recoil, so he does not feel sympathy for her.

# 4

Reading facial expressions can also help solve the problem of how to check for interest on the part of men.It is worth paying attention to the look.If a man long delays it to the woman, looking her in the crowd, he is clearly interested.But there should still pay attention to the pupils.If they are extended, so the interest is positive, narrowed - a sign of aggression.Yes, he is interested, but quite another reason.There are also different types of views.When a friendly gaze slips from the eyes to the mouth at the business - people are looking at the forehead to the eyes, and here at the intimate gaze slips from the eyes to the chin, and then lowered to the chest.The fact that a man is flirting can judge the so-called look enticing, with pavoloka and smile.It should also pay attention to sincere smile.If it is symmetrical and long stays on the lips, it shows a positive attitude.Wryly, tense, with biting mouth - a person is not comfortable, or he experiences negative emotions.

# 5

Girls are often the question arises: like me boy?After all, sometimes teenagers behave inappropriately with the object of sympathy: tease, joke, even showing rudeness.This is due to the fear of being rejected.The guy likes a girl, but he was not sure of reciprocity, however, resist the impulse can not.From this clumsy attempt at least thus attract attention.Depending on the differences of temperament embarrassment can manifest itself in different ways.Some say not paused, actively gesticulate, preen, and other words can not squeeze and behave inhibited.But both the behavior may indicate that a person is not indifferent to the presence of another.And other manifestations of body language and facial expressions to help understand what is this interest.Perhaps these are signs of a nascent sympathy or even deep strong feelings.