How to deal with ex-boyfriend , whom you love ?

How to deal with ex-boyfriend , whom you love ?
You will need:
  • Time
  • Self
  • sober mind
# 1

Perhaps, with ex-boyfriend, things are a little easier than, say, with ex-husband.In particular, when there is a common children.Willy-nilly, have to sometimes meet and maintain relationships.But the question of how to deal with ex-boyfriend, is solved quite easily.Just use a few tips psychologists and just knowing people.There are some things that can not be done categorically, if you suddenly had a chance encounter with the former.However, there is something for which you can sometimes communicate with him.The people are of the opinion that the former couple may become good friends.It is a very controversial view of the situation, but everything is very individual and depends on how the people apart.

# 2

First of all, in any case can not deal with ex-boyfriend love.It can not get absolutely no good, even if the desire was mutual.Very often, the feelings overflowed during a meeting with the former, again, are so strong that the girl begins

to imagine that she again met with former lover.And these feelings overtake only at the meeting.So you can imagine that will start to happen in the shower after sex.It is possible option that girl too dreaming and start planning a long and very happy life with ex-boyfriend.

# 3

course, this is a private matter, but it is recommended to remember, through the pain and suffering had once had to go after breaking up with this person.In fact, after sex can all be in vain, and again will have to learn to live without your favorite guy.Another rule, how to behave with the former, says that the girl should not be allowed to keep her boyfriend erotic photos.It may happen that new love will come up against the photo data and the sunset guy scandal.And why all this?In addition, it would suffer a guy in this situation, however, and the girl can be frustrating.Especially if you have to cross a new passion former lover.

# 4

not worth writing about ex-boyfriend, whom you love, text messages and emails.After parting need to go further, with only forward and not otherwise.However, if the correspondence suddenly there, almost there will be no chance to move in new relationships, the desire for new feelings and sensations.If you start a meaningless conversation and chat with ex-boyfriend, then willy-nilly will float all the moments and periods of general life, not only happy, but also very difficult, and even painful.The girl should decide for themselves, whether it is ready for such developments.And yet, it is recommended not to start such a dialogue.

# 5

In addition, it is necessary to delete from the list of ex-boyfriend.What does it mean?It is necessary to try to keep contact with him to a minimum, especially if the break with a loved one was given very hard.In other words, it is necessary to deal with it very carefully.Communication should not be intrusive.For example, when starting the constant calls and letters with great compositions about love, but instead is given a couple of questions about daily activities and health.So not good.Well, if this man is removed from life, it should be good.When a chance meeting in a public place, you can spend 2-3 minutes, just to formally greet each other.

# 6

However, there are some unpleasant moments of separation and subsequent communication.The fact is that sometimes the couple, when sold, remain common friends or joint business.That is why in this case it is recommended to deal with ex-boyfriend in a friendly way.Of course, if it's difficult.Otherwise it is necessary to suffer, but still communicate.If separation has occurred peacefully, without mutual strife and violent showdown and got to be friends, then there should be no embarrassment if a guy with a girl meet in one company.In addition, do not have to put the choice of friends - with whom they communicate.

# 7

Sometimes it happens that the break occurred before some event, for example, the need to go to a wedding to relatives or an anniversary.What to do in this case?If the relationship with the former ended on a friendly note, you can easily go to this event together, without feeling a sense of unease.In addition, if it turned to leave friends, it will be much easier to endure random encounters.In this case, it is desirable to just smile and say hello than to hide and turn away angrily.However, in any case, if you still have feelings for the ex-boyfriend, you should try to keep communication to a minimum.When it is clear that the relationship is not resumed, it is not necessary to dwell on this, but just try to start a new life, keeping good memories and make for a useful conclusions.