How to live with their parents without conflict ?

How to live with their parents without conflict ?
You will need:
  • attention to native
  • wisdom
# 1

Accommodation in the territory of one housing with their parents can make life a lot of discomfort.The best way out is to eat your own apartment.However, not everyone has the opportunity.The only way out of the situation in this case is to find a compromise.For a start it is worth remembering that the child remain a child for his father and mother, even if he has already passed well over sixty.So what about the dream of complete freedom of action, at least for the time being under the side of their home, it is necessary to forget.But to assert their right to a certain independence there is every chance.

# 2

How to live with their parents without quarrels and disagreements?First you need to completely remove them from that part of his life that they can lead to "horror".For example, the relatives do not need to know that their child occasionally spends time in a strip club, or breakfast in bed unfamiliar men.This is the moment when a lie

will only benefit.Let the "old" rest assured that their "rodnulya" spends time other, more "respectable" way.Above all, you need to pay attention to a certain proportion of their mom and dad.To help them at home, to go with them on a variety of activities, in any case, do not ignore the family holidays, even if they sometimes seem boring.Thus be able to avoid accusations that the child forgets his family.

# 3

So how to live with their parents will not work without conflicts, you must master the art of allowing undermine the incipient quarrel.For example, to translate the conversation into a joke, to distract attention of the interlocutor to a more pleasant topic or completely stop the dialogue.If, nevertheless, there was a quarrel, not necessarily wait until the offender make the first move.Apologize very difficult, but this apology will show parents that their child has no means inexperienced chick and formed personality, able to make a truly adult behavior.