How do you prove a guy that you love him ?

How do you prove a guy that you love him ?
You will need:
  • phone
  • social networks
# 1

There is an erroneous misconception that in the relationship between the sexes males must fight for women, the first make the choice, andthe latter agree with him.If modern girls agree to such a role, well, let all remains as before.But if the woman herself has chosen a certain guy that she likes, it is logical to fight for it.Moreover, this struggle can be just that to show his attitude, to prove his love.If a girl is financially well endowed, then as a means of how to show a guy that you love him - can offer valuable material gift.Psychological experts say that this is not the best option and it will affect not many men.Many males after such a gift can feel a sense of guilt or embarrassment, or complexes about the fact that they are now Alfonso.In addition, few young girls have material resources for the implementation of expensive material gifts.

# 2

If there is a question: "How do you prove a guy that you love him?" - Not necessarily make

heroic deeds.As the saying goes: "drop by drop, and wears away the stone" - the whole thing together little things and actions, the implementation of which will lead to the desired result.Oddly enough, but the men at different ages as children - love compliments, and that would be praised.For this they perform feats, ready to fight with dragons and windmills.With compliments and hvalboy is not necessary to go to far.Man can understand that it is clearly in excess flatter shape.It is better to find his real value and benefits to him and occasionally they allude.For this fit the phone and greatest invention for establishing mutual relations - social networks.Recent good that they posted photos, videos and other useful information, for which you can use to praise or compliments.

# 3

second very important factor in the conquest of men - is communication.When she racked their brains over the question: "How do you prove a guy that I love him" - it should reflect on the topics of conversation that interest her favorite.If a girl to learn to keep the conversation on topics of interest and will be interesting to talk to - it will be beneficial to distinguish it from competitors.Naturally, the guys are not interested in the fact that like girls, so we need to "turn" themselves and find topics even if they had not as not interested, but now they have become the most important and interesting.Guys like to chat, they like the girl afraid of loneliness.However, they want to carry out communication on a variety of topics.They will appreciate the girls that have something to talk about.Smart for them will be those that support the call to the desired topic.To implement the communication and conversations on the most interesting topics is also good mobile phone and social networks.Recent best to use the initial stages of dating, and the mobile phone - to the next.

# 4

third important factor is the conquest of men - this is the time and attention that she can spend her boyfriend.If we look into the soul of many of them can pull a lot of stories and spiritual offense, when girls are invited on a date, but they have no time, they have other things to do.Or another case, when the girl came out on a date always somewhere in a hurry.Time - the most precious gift that she can give her boyfriend.If you loved her in the first place, she should not feel sorry for him time and spend it on girlfriends, friends and other things.Although it should be within reasonable limits and frequent finding together may just get bored, so periodically you need a rest from each other.Using these factors, a girl can go far in winning her boyfriend, but it will serve as a good companion and friend.If you do not have a joint life, the girl is hard to show their culinary skills or merits of a good housewife.The young guys have not much value in girls economic and culinary skills, so the emphasis needs to be done at all on another.

# 5

fourth important factor - it's touch, thanks to them can also speak the language of love.The touch of the hand can be carried out during a conversation, as if by chance.If the girl with the guy sitting next to, for example, on the bench, you can touch the head, shoulder or other parts of the body, most importantly, what would it look natural and naturally.Hugging and kissing - the same is the language of love, but they should be used when a guy is ready and fully expects it.Kiss on the cheek Man can be at a meeting and parting, and when meeting and parting, you can embrace it.Or when he is sitting at the computer, playing your favorite games, it is also possible to lightly hug and kiss on the cheek.That is, there are many different situations where you can demonstrate love by touching her boyfriend kissing and hugging - so do not skimp on these small pleasures of life.