How to return her husband's love for his wife ?

How to return her husband
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Sincerity
  • ability to introspection
# 1

Marriage can be happy, if both spouses love, support and understand each other.But what if the feelings for some reason, cooled, and partner demands a divorce?The first rule - do not panic and sort out the problem.Psychologists point out that most of the question of how to return the love of the husband or wife, the couple appears on the first, third and seventh year of official relations.The main causes of these problems are considered to be life, the lack of romance and passion, treachery and betrayal, and a banal unwillingness to family relations.What is the cause of each particular case - will not say for sure without a thorough examination of the situation.But in any case, can not do without the work on the relationship.

# 2

Before proceeding to take action aimed at the return of her husband's love, you must first understand the reasons for its cooling.The most common cause is considered to be the m

onotony of everyday life.Daily husband comes home and sees the same picture, while his wife behave equally predictable.Man is a being who can not live without emotional outbursts.So, maybe it was the lack of diversity in everyday life could be the cause of her husband's indifference.Perhaps the husband lost interest in his wife because of her appearance.So, we all know that the way of life called sedentary, unhealthy diet or pregnancy can badly affect the figure.It is therefore very important to pay attention to their appearance that haze cause of discord in the family.

# 3

answer to the question, how to get my husband to love his wife, may be hiding in respect of his wife to the children.Often the spouse all his spare time devotes kids, not paying attention to their half.Thus, man becomes only the breadwinner, not loved her husband as to the birth of the baby.The first time my husband can tolerate such an attitude, but gradually it becomes a chronic apathy, and he will be in the arms of another woman.Problems at work can also have a negative impact on the relations of the spouses.So, if a man is always thinking of some new project or his career is at stake, it is not worth bothering him with reproaches, ostensibly about his inattention or dislike.In such moments you need to support your man and give him time to deal with their problems.

# 4

Given that the feelings of her husband to the wife may grow cold for many reasons, the woman should carefully consider all possible options and to determine the only correct, and on which will have to work.On the basis of the main reasons, one can construct a general scheme of work on the restoration of relations, the first point which is self-love.Men are very thin feel like a woman relates to herself whether she likes the site's appearance and character.So the first thing is to make a wife - to love yourself for what it is.Yes, get rid of the existing systems is not easy, but constant work on yourself will give the desired results.It is important to remember that a man never turn his attention to the woman who is too critical of yourself.

# 5

Of course, the most difficult thing - to love your appearance.But to cope with this problem is quite real.You just need to take it a rule to constantly and regularly look after my body.Besides, you can update your wardrobe, a beauty salon, a manicure, haircut, hairstyle...It is also important to idealize itself, even if it is difficult to do.You can attend courses or purchase special literature, which is designed to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.Once a woman will feel positive changes in the internal state and behavior, surrounding and immediately notice it.Confident, successful woman always attracted not only to outsiders views.First of all notice the changes ohladevshy husband.

# 6

In addressing this problem, how to get a man's love, will change their traditional way of life.For example, if we consider the appearance, the welcome sea change hairstyles: from brunette to blonde can be repainted or ginger.If the wife meets her husband every day banal dinner, then dinner in a cafe or in a restaurant will be a great substitute for him."The release of the" little refresh the senses.Moreover, it is a great way to be alone in a romantic setting, as well as an excellent opportunity to talk, what is called "heart to heart", open in front of your partner.But if her husband on the contrary have not tried the delicious homemade food, you can please his wife delicious homemade goodies.Such a work spouse is certainly appreciated, but relations have improved spouse.

# 7

If the main problem is the intimacy between the couple, then the wife should take all possible measures to establish sex life with a partner because it is the most important part of marriage.It is because of sexual dissatisfaction breaks most couples.If a woman has no desire and avoid intimacy with her husband, then come to the aid of aphrodisiacs, which can ignite the passion and craving for physical intimacy.If the problem is the man in this case without any feminine wiles do not: a spouse may try to dance striptease or offer to make love in an unusual place.It is important to establish a rapport between the spouses.The wife should always and everywhere to support their partner, only love reborn.