How to take goji berries include Duke and products for diet

How to take goji berries include Duke and products for diet
You will need:
  • water
  • meat (beef, veal and poultry)
  • oat bran and milk products
  • eggs, fish and seafood
  • goji berries
  • seasonings and spices
# 1

Dukan Diet has created a French nutritionist Pierre Duc.The basis of the diet - malouglevodnaya food.Observe it should be a few months.The feature of this diet is that it is very varied and burdensome, and at the same time in addition to weight loss, it also helps to improve the metabolism and the body clean.Diet consists of 4 stages, each with its own rules.The first stage is called the "attack" and it consists of protein foods (turkey, fish, eggs, dairy products and 1.5 st. L. Bran)."Cruise" second stage.It consists of protein and vegetable food (any vegetables, spices, milk, 2 tbsp. L. Of bran and other products).The third phase of "consolidation."This includes the products of the first stage, the second vegetables and fruits, including goji berries, rice, pasta, bran Article 2.5.l.The fourth stage includes 3 tbsp.l.bran and any products.

# 2

Water - an important component in human life.Water in the body delivers oxygen, nutrients and trace elements.Water cleanses the intestines from the decay products, which it accumulated.Water - an excellent solvent.In order to clean the intestines of toxins, it is necessary in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of cold water with lemon.Why cold?And in order that the body expend more calories to heat the water.When the diet is necessary in the day to drink 1.5-2 liters of water.This is a mandatory condition for the Dukan Diet.Every day you can drink a glass of water after a nap, and then throughout the day to drink a bottle of water before each meal should drink a glass of water.In the heat can increase the volume of water.

# 3

From the meat, which can be used, it's just beef, veal and poultry.Any beef that is lean may be used during the Dukan Diet.From it you can cook chops, steak, steak, roast and tenderloin.Most important in the preparation of beef that it should not be fat.Very useful for a given diet veal meat.Chicken meat should be consumed without skin.Also, the turkey should be peeled.You can eat meat pheasants and quail.But the goose and duck meat can be used only if it is not greasy.In addition to meat, can be eaten and by-products, such as chicken liver, calf's liver, beef tongue and beef liver.You can also include low-fat pork ham.

# 4

Oat bran is mandatory product in the Dukan Diet.Despite the fact that the bran contains a lot of carbohydrates they need to be sure to eat at every stage of the diet.At the first stage it is necessary to use Article 1.5.l.a day or more to increase the dose only in the second stage.Oat bran give the person a feeling of satiety, as they swell in the stomach and thus fill it.Dairy products should be consumed only low-fat.These products are low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese.Especially in demand and sour milk cheese.You can eat tofu.

# 5

eggs at this diet you can eat no more than two a day.But generally, it concerns the yolk, and the protein can be eaten without any restrictions.It is possible, for example, the protein added to the dish.The fish can be used in any form, but, it is not recommended to eat except for canned fish, due to the fact that it is cooked in the oil.From seafood you can eat squid, shrimp, mussels, oysters and other.

# 6

goji berries Ducane knowingly highlights in his diet.Goji Berries Ducane recommends taking the first step of their diet.These berries are very useful for the organism as a whole, as for use in weight loss, these berries are able to increase the metabolic rate at which the rapid disintegration of fat and increase the energy at which a person is less tired.In order to make your metabolism work is enough to eat one teaspoon per day of goji berries.One can not only have the berries at an elevated temperature.

# 7

Spices also play an important role in losing weight.From condiments can be used such as cilantro, parsley, rosemary, basil and thyme, but in small quantities.From spices to be useful vanilla, cinnamon, curry and cumin.You can also eat onions, garlic and ginger.Salt, vinegar, tomato and not get carried away.Sugar substitute substitute.But alcohol should be completely ruled out.