Living with their parents or alone : pros and cons

Living with their parents or alone : pros and cons
You will need:
  • consider options
  • weigh the "pros" and "against"
# 1

Sooner or later every person thinks that it is time to start an independent life:to earn money to take care of themselves and naturally move out from their parents.

# 2

first two points to carry out not so difficult.But with the problems of housing is much greater.Earn it sometimes for half of my life is not possible.And for rent apartments sometimes have to give a good half of his salary and languish until the next payday.

# 3

On the other hand life is also not sugar with parents.Not only is the personal life falls on the side of the suit, so more and "caring" mom and dad with their instructions to haunt.Simple at first glance, the question of how to live - with their parents or alone, turns into a real dilemma.Only one thing: Take a sheet of paper, write in two columns the pros and cons of living with your family and make the appropriate conclusions.

# 4

can be attributed generally to the advantages: no r

ent;always cooked breakfast (dinner and lunch), cleaned apartment, the laundry, and so on. d. The ability to save (to spend the earned money to a loved one, and the rest of the month to exist at the expense of the parents).

# 5

A to cons: parental control;the inability to establish a personal life in the territory of his home;the need to adapt to the daily lives of their loved ones.

# 6

But if there is a desire to plunge into the grave with all the attendant circumstances: booze till morning, partying with strippers or a romantic date with the opposite sex, the answer is obvious: it is necessary to immediately go in search of removableapartment.

# 7

great importance when deciding on how to live - with their parents or alone, playing the current plans for the future.If you want to collect a large sum of money to own a house, school, car and so on, until it is better to move with the ground.Thus to achieve this goal will be much faster.