How to return her husband to the family of the mistress ?

How to return her husband to the family of the mistress ?
You will need:
  • desire to return a loved
  • Calm
  • Common sense
# 1

Perhaps one of the most common nightmares every married woman is the care of the beloved to the beautiful mistress.And now he - a young partner, and only a weekend with the kids.A woman grows old and eats itself from the inside vengeance.However, all is not lost if we use some tips on how to return the husband in the family.The most important thing - to choose the right path.It is by contradiction.No need to try to force to drag him home, and it is necessary in every way to show how much he has lost.Firstly, it is necessary to understand that men are arranged differently.In this case, from his wife, he is waiting for a delicious borscht, while his mistress - crazy sex.It turns out that a man wants to sit directly on the 2 chairs.The first advice - he must realize that you remove one chair even when the husband has lived with his mistress.

# 2

He still thinks that at any time it will be back with open arms.Do not let him

think so, making it clear: time out - no way back.Even if you have to exchange the apartment.When care still occurred, do not need to shoot from the hip, and give him just one chance, to come back and offered a warning that the second will not be exact.Secondly, the need to urgently address them.Since women are by nature more compassionate and willing to accept the prodigal husband back even harried and sad-eyed, they believe that the husband too, sooner or later will have mercy and will return to see her unhappy.In men, the opposite is true.They just come in horror, at best, feel guilty, but on the well-groomed lover will never return to the disheveled wife.That's why you need to urgently address them.

# 3

Change hairstyle, talk to a stylist to learn to hide flaws, enroll in a gym or a dance.You can make a hobby, devoting this lesson free time.In other words, you should try to be happy, even in this sad time.Thirdly, it is time to understand their mistakes and start to correct them.As it does not hurt, but the share of the guilt of women in the care of her husband is as much as 90 percent.This is the bitter truth.And even if there is no desire to return to her husband, to correct the error still have to, because they will go in the next relationship.The main thing for men in their family - is adoration, respect and grooming.The wife should be an assistant, associate and friend, not always dull saw, which does not want to deal with the economy.Fourthly, it is necessary to realistically assess the chances to figure out how to return to the family of her husband with his mistress.

# 4

Because men do not just go away like that.If the wife just did that nagged her husband, can only come to terms with his passing.However, when happiness was in the family, and the new woman was an obsession, the chances of his wife much more.Men love the stability and development, and therefore it is not always easy to break and leave.And even in this case, care can be regarded as an emotional rush or trying to make a woman a man to change.Fifth, avoid meetings with his mistress.If suddenly you are working in the same organization, or just have often crossed at work, you need to immediately abandon this.It is better to take the risk and to change jobs than constantly compare themselves to her, tormented and suffering.Sixth, we must try to let go of the pain.Most women learn about the change, go in yourself.

# 5

They hide from the outside world, as if their lives stopped.This is fundamentally the wrong approach.Perhaps the mistress was waiting for this moment only, because poor women are much easier to lead a peasant.If you want to not fight for a man, you have to fight for themselves and do not keep in tearing.Sports and dancing can help to expel all negative.Alternatively, you can start a global rearrangement in the house to begin repair.You also need to forgive a lover at heart, it's the poor woman could not find a free man, but merely took that bad is not necessary for this much intelligence.We must forgive and her husband, because he was not able to create a strong family, having destroyed all because of a moment of weakness.Both of them - really poor people.It should be understood that the care of her husband at this moment has a certain reason.

# 6

Perhaps he should make this mistake, to truly appreciate his wife, and she was - to ensure its strength and self-sufficiency.Seventh, should be entrusted to the deceased husband's responsibility.In other words, to understand how to get from her husband's mistress, you need to let him go.Only in this case it will be returned.Most women make the mistake of starting to scream, cry, and all the forces to keep their husbands.Also, do not always suspect a loved treason and give him strict interrogations.The more a woman clings to her husband, the more he becomes convinced that she is not worthy of him, and is afraid to lose.This man feels trapped.Such is their psychology.The family partners must trust each other.Thoughts are often the material.

# 7

And if you constantly worry and think that her husband is able to have a mistress, it will happen sooner or later.You do not need to do from a child of her husband, who seemed to be able to fool the bad aunt, putting spell.And in any case it is not necessary to make him a little dog, who led off the brazen.On the contrary, we must have a serious talk with her husband and explained that it was his choice and have to accept it, but it should be understood that the entire responsibility for such an act, he himself will bear.We need to put it clearly faced with a choice, so he decided: either the family or the other woman.Second chance for forgiveness he would not.The man at the time of this conversation is to realize how much he can lose (arranged life, reliable and faithful wife, beloved children).And what did he get in return?Only a woman whom no one wanted to marry.