How to congratulate on the day of birth Man , if he is in the army?

How to congratulate on the day of birth Man , if he is in the army?
You will need:
  • dance music
  • clothing for dance
# 1

Good guys are uncommon and if such come across, you need to hold on to it in every way.Congratulations on the birthday is another occasion when we can to please him and to show their attitude.On the other hand, a birthday - a tradition that requires a manifestation of attention.Of course, you can get rid of trivial, but if you want to surprise and the guy is worth it, this seemingly routine tradition turns into a legitimate way of expressing their feelings.You must carefully consider how to congratulate the guy on his birthday, if there are serious plans for him.What kind of birthday is complete without a gift?But what gift to choose?At first glance, for a girl it can be a difficult task, since men can be completely indifferent to the fact that women love in terms of material gifts.Dear material gift can not be appreciated due to different tastes, and then the money will be wasted.In addition, to give material gifts - is the role of Man

the mother and the girl, you probably should not take on such a role.Following this logic, a gift from the girl, the guy must be either intangible, or at low cost, but only those without which you can not do nor how to implement planned.

# 2

young girl best congratulations on his birthday giving him the Man with the dance.For this event must be carefully prepared and think through all the details.You must pre-select and pre-dance workout on its implementation.Naturally, the longer the guy like a dance with elements of erotic and striptease, it can also be oriental dance.The choice should be made on the basis of the dance external data girls.If the latter is a small tummy, it is better suited to present oriental dance.In the performance of dance is an important element of the clothes should think in advance, to make or buy.If she chose to present oriental dance, for its execution to be appropriate attire.In addition, such clothing should be beneficial to emphasize the dignity of women, that is not winter.Most likely, all the guys like short skirts (if not oriental dance) and other clothes, which opens the back, arms and abdomen as possible.

# 3

After selecting dance and fashion important step is to choose the place where you plan to congratulate a loved one.If the disposal of Man has its own apartment or house, it is the best option.Collateral apartment to celebrate the birthday girl and can do.It can offer its own, if there is one (but not the parents) or withdraw for one day.Congratulations Man dance is also good, if a guy is planning to celebrate his birthday with friends at the bar.In the climax can be read out of its present and execute it under the gaze of his friends and with music in the bar.After such a gift to many of his friends will be jealous, that he had a girl.In the summer time you can give a gift to nature, but it is perfect for a secluded place.And oriental dance without music would be difficult to execute, but with an erotic striptease elements - easier.In the forest, the execution of this gift is quite possible, especially if you are planning a trip by car.If a guy wants to his birthday party to go to the beach, there to perform scheduled under the gaze of tourists will be awkward.Therefore, in the summer time are kindly requested to specify a guy place, where it is planned to celebrate his birthday.

# 4

Any man, regardless of age, like when his other half performs a dance for him personally, but senses and the soul.For those girls who are much like the guy and ready to diversity in its relations to strengthen ties, the proposal would be a good gift guy flogged himself a belt (or a whip, which should be pre-buy and present in a gift box).But before that it is necessary for something to be guilty for what would be after the implementation of such a gift guy forgiven.Naturally, giving such a gift is performed alone (bar with your friends and the beach is not suitable for this purpose).It would be better, that would be slack strikes on bare back or buttocks, while the girl is necessary to spend an actress and a loud moan and sexy.Most likely, the end of the implementation of such a gift will go smoothly in a more intimate relationship, which can be considered a successful implementation of the planned mission.Of course, you can do banal wishes something orally, cheap symbolic gift in the form of some trinkets.This gift will not be remembered as the best in his life, the guy will say thank you, but in the depths of the soul will understand that she does not feel feelings for him, but simply perform a traditional ritual.