How to find a guy for a day?

How to find a guy for a day?
You will need:
  • Notebook
  • Girlfriends
  • little money
  • Internet
  • Phone
# 1

First of all, you need to view your notebook.Most likely, it will be found necessary numbers.Thinking about how to find a guy for one day, you can once again recall the former friend, lover, or about who once confessed her warm feelings.It is likely, if chat with any of these people, we can see that his interest still remained.

# 2

In the case where there is no desire to stumble on the same stump, it is better to dial the number of a Man, which, as they say, simply, "is the soul."He probably will be a little surprised at first.That's why you should not just take the bull by the horns.Better to just call a walk, without telling that they wanted to stay with him for the night.Any smart man would guess about it myself, so if you do not want to take advantage of this offer for any reason, just politely refuse.

# 3

Another excellent option of "telephone" love is to help her friends.Of course, each has free rel

ative, not a close friend or acquaintance.Help close the problem, how to find a partner can be invaluable, so do not be afraid to talk about it.Perhaps in the same evening, held a successful introduction.

# 4

In the case where the guy is very necessary, but do not want to use the help from the outside, you have to take matters into their own hands!Alternatively, you can dine in the café or dance at the club.However, it should be understood that this requires some means that nobody thought bad.That's why you should make it clear that the girl has money and it does not provide paid services of an intimate nature.In addition, you must also understand that it is impossible to find a good guy in a cheap diner.Do not waste precious time, sitting in such establishments, where, besides, always full of smoke.

# 5

to learn about the first guy you need to draw up a rough list of places where they can be (billiards, sports bar, etc.).In addition, you can just walk into a crowded city where citizens normally rest (park, promenade and so on), but in this case, you can become a victim of itself, but because you want to be, nevertheless, a hunter.

# 6

Find destiny can not spend money on expensive cocktails.In recent years, the fashion began to enter the dating in the big supermarkets.Of course, during the day there is nothing to catch as many single men come to shop at a later time.So, you need to bring marafet and write a big list of needed goods.In other words, in addition, that the money will be spent for the benefit, there is a chance to go shopping mall is not the same.

# 7

few years ago thought that the stay at home, it is difficult to find a boyfriend.Everything changed dramatically when our lives come to the Internet.Now you can get acquainted with a young man on any website.Simply sign up on it and in the questionnaire to indicate: "I am alone."Oh, and be sure to put the most beautiful photos.After a short time, it will not rebound from wanting to have a good time.That less, to be careful and to avoid contact with inadequate people.