How do I know that the guy cheating on you ?

How do I know that the guy cheating on you ?
You will need:
  • Observation
  • ability to compare facts
# 1

favorite Betrayal - is always a tragedy.This destroys any trust paired and almost always leads to rupture if not, then the deterioration of relations.But it is better - to learn about the changes and remain in blissful ignorance?Many girls choose the first variant.This article will tell them how to find out that the guy changes.

# 2

The first thing that needs to remember the girl that wants to bring her boyfriend to clean water - is that regular betrayal, and even more so the presence of the other girls are always reflected in the daily routine.The need to find time for a meeting with the girls leads to the fact that man is changing established habits.If the beloved recently began to regularly stay at work, although I always went with her at exactly 18:00 began to meet more often with friends, although this was more of a recluse, or suddenly find a new hobby, which previously was indifferent,it is a good chance that the guy cha


# 3

Although it is not necessary to judge categorically - can a man really lingers in the office, since swamped with work or is on the increase, maybe he really found an interesting hobby.In order not to make the wrong conclusions, it is best to gently talk to the guy on the subject: ask for a new hobby, ask to talk about the projects that make it stay at work.If the guy does not know how to lie, his reaction will give him away.But if he is good in a lie - it is necessary to look for other signs of infidelity guy to be absolutely sure.

# 4

changes in the behavior of Man can relate not only to his daily routine.The disturbing signal are, for example, frequent phone calls to Man, to which he prefers to answer, retiring to another room and only a whisper, but before he could talk on the phone and in the presence of the second half.This also should include the increased attention to social networks and instant messenger - if earlier a man indifferent to communicate over the Web, and more recently, and only does that scribbling messages on Skype or contact, - the likelihood is high that the talks he is with his mistress.Should take a closer look and to changes in the exterior of a loved one - a sudden change of style, hairstyle, attention to clothing, previously not peculiar to him, may be a sign that he had another woman.for which he is trying to be more attractive.

# 5

Do not forget about the sexual side of the relationship.If earlier the guy had a violent temper, and recently cost one sexual act per week, and even then - dry and maloemotsionalnym, it may well be that all the sexual energy he spends on other women.Some men, on the contrary, the presence of links on the side of giving more energy and even more sexual desire.Therefore, you should give serious consideration to any unexpected and radical changes in the sexual behavior of Man, including a change in preferences and favorite sexual practices.

# 6

However, in an effort to identify and expose the betrayal of infidelity Man, do not need to go to extremes.No need to delve into his personal files on the computer, crack passwords, read the correspondence and flipping the address book.Such behavior is unworthy of not less than treason, and just as well kill any trust in the pair.Finally, it may be so, that all speculation about a possible treason were based on speculation, but under unusual behavior Man hiding completely different motives.There are cases when the girl, worried about the late arrival of the Man and his strange behavior, found that all the time man was preparing a surprise for them, an unusual gift for a birthday or organizing a party on the occasion of a holiday or a trip together on vacation.Therefore, the most important thing in a relationship - is trust.Of course, it should not be blind and unlimited, but must be able to believe the words of her husband and not to look for betrayal where it can not be.