How to forget the husband after the divorce and start a new relationship ?

How to forget the husband after the divorce and start a new relationship ?
You will need:
  • desire to forget her husband
  • way to forget her husband
  • psychologist
  • faithful friend
# 1

Divorce dramatically changes a woman's life, even if the move was deliberate andIt came from her own.After all, as a rule, the main causes of divorce are alcoholism wife, his indifference to the family or treason, these factors drive the woman to parting with the once beloved and dear person, and start a new life with a new sheet.The situation in many cases exacerbated by the fact that a woman's feelings to his shiftless husband at the time did not disappear, but only a little blunted his negative behavior.How to forget the husband after the divorce, and be ready for a new relationship happy - this question is asked by psychologists women worldwide.

# 2

First, help to feel the other, liberated from the constant worries and stress a person can help change the image and wardrobe update.New interesting hobbies - dancing, fitness or learning another language, stylish hairstyle and

beautiful things become distinctive attributes of a new stage of life and gradually displace all the things that are so closely associated with the former spouse.Secondly, many women who have made the sacrament of the wedding, forget ex-husband does not give a sense of what in fact she is married.The problem of how to debunk after divorce usually resolve after a visit to the temple and talk to the priest.After giving a blessing to a new marriage, he thus "remove" from the shoulders of the women responsible for the old failed relationship, and it will finally be able to peacefully build their lives without thinking of the former man.Third, to quickly forget the spouse after a divorce, psychologists recommend to try to avoid contact with him, for 6-9 months after the divorce.Of course, to leave is unlikely to communicate in the presence of common children or joint business, but in any case, it should be minimal and only in the case without finding any relationship.

# 3

question how to survive infidelity and divorce hurts a huge number of women who could not expect betrayal from their mother and a loved one.But even experiencing much what happened, do not withdraw into themselves and stay alone with the pain inside is eaten.Considerable support in this difficult moment, may have relatives and friends with whom you share experiences and sad thoughts.How to help your child survive the divorce of their parents?Well, if the Pope, after the divorce, not to shrug his shoulders and his father's responsibilities and will continue to participate in the upbringing and financial support of children.Otherwise, constant thoughts of women that live in marriage was difficult, but it's better than one, will always remind of the former spouse.

# 4

Most women survive the separation, are interested in how to improve relations after the divorce.A good way to remember the former, will be a new romance.But still, it is better initially not to rush headlong into the next relationship, and just go on dates, take attentions, courtship and flirting with other men.This is a proven way to boost self-esteem of women and drive away all the negative thoughts associated with divorce.The main thing - to be ready to be happy with another wonderful man.