How to return the love of Leo ?

How to return the love of Leo ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Love
  • Common friends
# 1

Lions by nature a very proud person and is difficult to perceive the conflicts and quarrels.For them it is - a sign that they do not admire and can simply fall out of love.It is this zodiac sign requires constant love and affection, so in the absence of this feeling even physical suffering.That is why, if a woman wants to return the love of a lion, it must first go forward.Otherwise, Leo quickly find a replacement.

# 2

should wait for some time, during which the offense settles in both, but it should not delay the reconciliation of more than three days.You can always find an excuse to socialize, while not showing remorse, when there is no feeling of guilt.Leo does not need a complete submission, but he will appreciate the fact that the woman wants to communicate.In addition, he will be able to forgive all wrongs if 2-3 times casually pay attention in a conversation on some of its dignity.This male lion takes all the compliments for g

ranted and it is always a pleasure, although sometimes he is not aware.

# 3

Next to reconcile with the man lion, should also be very careful "scratching it behind the ear."The result is stunning: after 5 minutes the Lion fully razomleet.Most likely, the offense will be immediately forgotten, and you will immediately rapid reconciliation.That less, if it has not happened, and it still hurt, it is better for a while to stop communicating.It can continue for another day.

# 4

To know how to behave with a lion in the case of an argument, it is recommended to conduct a reconnaissance in force.If you have mutual friends, you can ask them to meet with Leo and casually mention in conversation a few times, as the woman he admires.Of course, friends do not need to tell him that they knew of the quarrel.All male lions take great pleasure when they are highly valued.He can not to show it, but you will be very pleased.

# 5

To understand how to keep the love of Leo, we must understand that any slight doubt in love is really painful for him.That's why, if this man really roads, need to strive to ensure that he was convinced that his beloved woman he is the best.In this case, it is always understood that any quarrel - this is the usual minor troubles that quickly come to an end.