How to survive the divorce of parents of teenagers: the psychological tips

How to survive the divorce of parents of teenagers: the psychological tips
You will need:
  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Wisdom
  • Leisure
# 1

Divorce - it's hard to test not only the fate of the couple, but also in the lives of their minorchildren.Teens are also in urgent need of moral support, or commit such acts, which have a negative impact on their future.So do not shy away from this family problems, saying it this way: "And here you do?", The best time to become your child is not only a caring parent, but also a good friend, which on occasion can be in the "vest complain."There are several answers to the question, how to survive the divorce of parents, but first things first.

# 2

One parent, left alone with the baby, should not shed tears in the colors tell a second traitor.It is not necessary to call the younger generation disgust and aversion to the once beloved father or mother, as anything other than aggression against their loved child will not show.Additionally, you may be disappointed at all in all family values.That is why you need to talk to him in

an adult and kindly explain the essence of what is happening.Then the teenager will think how to help survive the divorce abandoned by their parents.

# 3

also recommended to find the child a new hobby that will absorb all his thoughts in his spare time and, therefore, distract from worries and frustration about the changes in her family.It can be any sport sections, scholars circle, circus studio or creative studio, but the main thing to choose for his child is the occupation which, indeed, it will be like.Many parents are very concerned about how to divide the children in a divorce, but this is not recommended, because the child's psyche can simply not bear such a blow.

# 4

to the child is not kept to himself, with him to spend more time, for example, make it a rule to make walking in the fresh air before going to bed, or one day a week to spend on a picnic.Options can be set, but the main thing - more time and attention to be paid to the injured party, because it is the children are victims of divorce of parents.Especially frightens them, mom code begins to wonder how to get married after the divorce.

# 5

Finally, even after the formal break in relations parents need to understand that the lack of a family does not deprive them of their rights and duties with respect to their minor children.That is why the Pope, who no longer lives with his mother, must also meet regularly and communicate with your child, and on the need to provide moral and material support, filling a void in the heart of childhood.It is also interesting to know how to change the name after the divorce, but do not get hung up on formalities, it is better to pay more attention to your child, which is so necessary support in this difficult period of life.