How do you know a man intent : to the registrar or in bed?

How do you know a man intent : to the registrar or in bed?
You will need:
  • Care
  • lie Signs
  • Sexual aggression
# 1

said some men love and marry others.How do I know which category mentally classifies Woman man or a man who invited her on a date?Who is hiding behind the mask of an inveterate boyfriend - a seducer, who decided to take advantage of women's gullibility or knight, who will lead her to the altar?Where he will try to "drag" her - to the registrar or in bed?In other words - if a man wants a serious relationship or adds a collection of his amorous conquests?

# 2

How do you know a man intent not to fall into the network Lovelace?Do not be afraid to ask direct questions.Even if the question sounds stupid - this woman can be forgiven.But on the responses to these questions, you can judge how honest a man in relation to the partner.Not words - gestures will be given all the "ins and outs".Fidgeting, touching the face, hair, biting his lips nervously shakes his leg, roll beats fingers on the table - any automatic movement say that he

does not want a sincere conversation.

# 3

How to understand the intentions of the man, if his interest purely sexual nature, and to take responsibility for relations with a woman he is not going?Sexually aggressive behavior is not necessarily reflected in the incidence of violence.Too "caramel" compliments, persistent "sticky" looks confusing phrases - should alert.The man who wants to start a family with the woman who will treat her as an equal, and not solely as an object of sexual attraction.

# 4

How to understand the serious intentions of men, if it is not too talkative?He looks at the woman, as if assessing thoughtful, concerned, but does not try to seduce - means thinking about the future.Listen to her words, he is interested in the theme of the children of the family, he shares his work problems - yes, a little bit boring, but it is a sure sign that his mind lives a plan under which he still invite the woman to the registrar, and notdragged into bed and forget the morning her phone number.

# 5

How to understand the intentions of Man, if during a conversation with someone the third, for example, on the street, he seems to be automatically hugs the woman's shoulders, or standing, puts his hand on the shoulder of a seated woman?Intuition should not cheat in this case: it is the gesture of the owner, a male, who has already made a decision and communicates with this woman a possible future.This is a gesture of a man who would not mind to be bound by family ties to the one which he feels his shoulder under his sure hand.

# 6

To know how to behave, and how to understand the seriousness of the man in the maelstrom of surging emotions, a woman needs to be observant and honest with herself, as if she neither liked contender for her attention.