How to express the sympathy of the guy and what effect it will give ?

How to express the sympathy of the guy and what effect it will give ?
You will need:
  • Confidence
  • spoken
  • techniques Ability to flirt beautiful
# 1

So, the girl is very like a certain man.Perhaps he likes, but it may be such that it will never dare to come and speak because of his modesty, or because of the inaccessibility of the ladies.Therefore it is necessary to read this article and learn how to express sympathy for the guy.Perhaps it will encourage him to contribute to the first step and the beginning of a new relationship.

# 2

The first thing you can do - is to gradually reduce the distance.That is necessary to show the guy, it's nice to be near him.You can also talk to him about anything, at different abstract themes.In his reaction, you can see if he is interested.This knowledge can help, how to determine the sympathy of men.In addition, effective ways to show their sympathy, and not be intrusive, are gestures, the voice, the look.The main thing was to look mysterious and elusive, and "staring" at him do not get too long.

# 3

Much can tell smile.When a guy turns to the girl he likes, most likely, he will smile.Therefore, he said that the response of sympathy for him, too, can be beautiful smile back.If only the girl, of course, is not thinking about how to hide the sympathy.Cold and indifferent behavior just indicates a lack of sympathy.

# 4

Working together, there is a great way to attract the attention of a Man - is to ask him for help.Come up with a lot of possible reasons - from the "failure" on your computer to the "as is included?".Men usually like weak women demanding their courageous support.If all goes well, you can try to change the topic of conversation, from trifling to pass on more personal.But only very cautiously.For instance, ask how it relates to a particular type of relationship, it can be a subtle hint that he is cute, and at the same time to learn his priorities.

# 5

Men know how to recognize the girl in sympathy, so you need to give them the time and do not rush things.Someone grabs a couple of days, but someone needs and a couple of weeks.All can spoil confidence, head and straightness.Help may also be the secrets of the horoscope.You can learn sign of the zodiac and the chosen what he likes flirting.For example, advice on how cells showing sympathy and a need to show sympathy for him, can help effectively to express their interest.