As for the first time to kiss the guy in the mouth ?

As for the first time to kiss the guy in the mouth ?
You will need:
  • Lips Lips Man
  • girl
# 1

first kiss with a guy considered to be very important for all people because of him memories will last a lifetime.Many people assume that a girl should not in any case the first kiss guy.This is a fairly controversial opinion.On the one hand due to this it will be able to show their commitment to the intima and availability.On the other hand, no shame, and no wrong here.Kiss on the lips with a guy, being the most sincere expression of feelings, a great number of bears sensations.Easy excitement pleasant languor, lightness and tenderness and give the guy and the girl a lot of positive emotions and the ability to enjoy the mutual affection and openness.It is a real satisfaction, and that it was highly enjoyable you need to remember a few simple rules on how to kiss a guy for the first time.

# 2

Kiss Man must occur without prying eyes, it requires maximum concentration on the partner.Best of all, if the first kiss happen in a romantic setting.No ne

ed to immediately start kissing Man, it's important to do this only when true desire appears.The initiative may come from both the guy and the girl.His gentle touch to the face, arm, girl's body will be a harbinger of a kiss.When the girl prepare, it will instinctively reach for your loved one, begin to embrace.It will be seen from the expression on his face, in his eyes.Before the first time to kiss the guy, you can show kindness to the partner.Next, after touching the lips will notable with small intervals.

# 3

Once favorite guy opens his mouth, you can go to a longer kiss, combining girth of the upper and lower lips with short pressing.After that, it should be a slight pause, and then you can continue to touch his hands to his chest, face, neck.He will reciprocate if there are strong feelings for you.After that kiss, you can continue with a much greater activity, but in any case it is not necessary to use the language.It should be soft.When your body starts to appear easy languor, the kiss on the lips it is best to continue lying, it is desirable to caress each other's hands and keep tidy and quiet touch the upper and lower lip.This feeling indescribably.

# 4

sucking for a guy to be barely noticeable.Then have a kiss or terminate or continue it.Suffice pleasant it may seem, if the girl and the guy will not cease to touch each other.This is important not only tenderness and complete trust in Man, but the sincerity of the girl.Before you kiss the guy for the first time, it is important to mentally prepare for this significant event and to get rid of anxiety.Superfluous emotions simply should not be.They do not help to fully experience all the charm of a kiss.Stiffness and awkwardness at first kiss will not be the way.It is important to relax and have fun, and do not be shy.The most important is the sincerity in a kiss, and tenderness.It is necessary to think about how well spending time with your loved one.

# 5

The kiss other than the lips, an important role is played by another 2 components: the eye and the tongue.You do not need much to compress or stretch the lips, they should be completely relaxed.This kiss will be much more enjoyable for both partners.Now about language.As much as it may sound funny, but a lot of the girls immediately begin to push it to the guy in the mouth.It is not right.When the kiss with the language it is important to play, sometimes gently touching them to the language of Man, and to his lips.At the same language as well as the lips must be loosened.Eyes close is not advisable during the first kiss.Continuing to look into the eyes Man, he will begin to feel the trust, which is very important in a relationship.The first kiss should be not too short and not too long.Partners always start to feel themselves when to stop.Thus a start is not necessary.

# 6

Before the kiss is important to look the guy in the face.A look at this is to be interested and direct.Once the lips meet, the eyes can be closed.It should also not forget that the most important first kiss is enough.And from that, how it will be, it depends on whether the continuation of your relationship with a guy.The world knows that there are a variety of types of kisses.For example, aspirated, french kiss, kiss, and other butterflies.Every wise woman should choose what is suitable for the first kiss.Here, advice from experienced ladies simply unacceptable.For each person in the modern world kiss purely personal choice.It is better to follow the direction, which tells you the heart and then the kiss will be really memorable and outstanding.