How to stop loving girl that you like?

How to stop loving girl that you like?
You will need:
  • desire to stop loving
  • friends
  • hobbies
  • new experience
  • new situation
# 1

not always love is mutual, and any feelingscan pass.But what if the second half fell out of love, but on the other side feeling is still strong and do not give rest?How to stop loving girl?It is very difficult, because the heart is known, can not command.And yet there are several psychological techniques.For example, it is important to find a lady disadvantages.Yes, they are at all.And if falling in love and sympathy dimmed eyes, and much to hide, then parting - it's time to remember all the things that could irritate.Perhaps the girl is overweight, badly dressed and picks his nose.If you constantly think about all the cons, then eventually you will notice that nothing but irritation, not the person recollections greater cause.

# 2

Another way to help understand how to stop loving girl - it's goodbye to the past.Passing a farewell should comprehensively and gradually.For example, for a start

you can throw or better to burn all the things that might remind you of past relationships: joint photo, gifts, clothes and everything else.In addition, it is important to understand for themselves that such a relationship, as they were more certainly never will.It is very appropriate to the expression: "You can not enter the same river twice."It's true.And stepping on the same rake nothing good usually does not (although every rule there are exceptions).

# 3

should analyze their emotions in relation to the girl, as well as the old relationship.Why do it?The fact that many confuse love with affection, habit, affection and jealousy.Probably a long time no love and there is no trace.Habit?From it you can get rid of.In addition, it is worth remembering that not everything in a relationship was smooth.And if the relationship and was not at all, and love was based only on the drawing in a certain way, or even need to understand that this image - an illusion.In fact it is not so.

# 4

Many people want to learn how to stop loving girl that you love.To do this, you simply need to get up in the morning and start a new life without her.One can imagine that the lady at all unfamiliar.It's time to think about old friends and former classmates.If ever there were a hobby and passion, then they can revive and renew.In addition, it is useful to join the gym and update your wardrobe.And forward, towards new adventures and friendships.It is possible that one of them will turn something really serious and real.But it is worth remembering that the right to seek the replacement of the former lover is not worth it, because in this case there is a risk of permanent comparison of past and projecting relationship for real.

# 5

optimism in life - it's great!It can help in any situation!So around the need to look for the positive side.Former girl banned from seeing your friends?Now it can be done without any restrictions.Beloved fed something and tasteless diet?So it's time to cafes, bistros, fast food and convenience foods.And none against such food will not.In the bathroom, it was forced by incomprehensible jars and bottles?Now there it is not!And finally, you can remember the old days with raids on clubs and fleeting encounters, with trips to the football with his friends and a mass of other positive and cheerful events and moments!

# 6

If you get rid of the thought of the former passion does not work, and they visit again and again, then you need to make sure that no matter what thoughts and memories have not had time.This will certainly help to stop loving girl.But how to do it?There are several effective ways.Firstly, you can take all your free time.By the way, sitting on the second (or third) job, you can not only very tired and fall asleep immediately after coming home (then there will be neither the strength nor the time to think about something), but also to accumulate, finally, on a car or a motorcycle.Money in fact are not redundant.In addition, a change of scenery can help.Also valid and new sensations and emotions.It never seemed possible to jump with a parachute?So why wait?And you can buy a bike and ride on it, conquering the hearts of women.

# 7

And finally, you need to let go of the person and the relationship.What does it mean?First, to understand and decide for yourself that nothing will be gone.Second, do not seek meetings with former lover.It is better, in general, to delete all the phone numbers and other contacts.In addition, the person also is not worth seeing.If the lady - a colleague, then perhaps it makes sense to change jobs (and suddenly wanted this so long ago).And if there was a desire to move to another city or even the country, the time has come!It is often caused by feelings and emotions is a visual way.So, removing the image, you can get rid of any memories and impressions.Anyway, no communication should not be, at least at first.