How to meet the young from the registrar's office , meeting newlyweds parents after the registrar's office at cafe

How to meet the young from the registrar
You will need:
  • loaf (bread)
  • salt
  • 2 new glasses
  • champagne or wine
  • millet
  • candy
# 1

time immemorial all peoples worshipedwedding traditions.And of course the ceremony, taking place in a registry office, is no exception.Once it is accepted to meet the newlyweds, in every country it happens in different ways.In Russia, for example bridal meet parents with special treats and rituals.Wedding traditions revered for a long time and so far, although there were small innovations that introduced themselves betrothed over time.Meeting of young after a registry office takes place immediately after they cross the threshold of the palace weddings.

# 2

All invited guests after the ceremony immediately try to go out and stand in two rows on both sides of the porch of the building, welcoming and congratulating the newlyweds.And once, when a suite, they showered their wheat, which means that guests are looking for their fertility.Little sweet, and sweet for a successful life and coins to the n

ew family had a good fortune.Now even this can be glitter, confetti and all kinds of firecrackers, designed for such wide celebrations and festivities.

# 3

Since greet the newlyweds after the registrar?The first should be the parents, this is the most important part of the ceremony takes place either outside the house or near the restaurant where the wedding will be celebrated.If the weather allows it of course, but if not, then all the action can take place in the building.Guests stand in the background and meet the newlyweds parents who come forward, holding in-law on his outstretched hands a tray with bread and salt.(Usually the bread loaf is replaced).

# 4

And two new wine glasses filled with wine or champagne.Thus, marking the marriage of their children.If the Orthodox family, while the mother of the bride decided to hold in hands and icons such as the Virgin Mary or Saint Nicholas.So, a new family officially registered, the registrar behind, and in front of a new, interesting life, young approach to meet and must always bow to their parents as a sign of respect.Then follows the break off a piece of loaf and dip it in salt, giving each other a try.

# 5

It symbolizes life without fights and quarrels, it is believed that this can be left in the past.It is also a piece of bread judge who will become head of the family.Usually they look one piece broken off more and he will prevail.That is how there is a meeting of young, then the bride and groom take their new glasses and drink all offered drinks to the last drop.Then it made the glasses break.But this is not all newlyweds follow this tradition.Someone leaves them for a celebratory feast and breaks at the end of the evening, for good luck.But it happens that the bride and groom leave the glasses on memory, using them in their daily lives, and noting the next anniversary.