How to understand the intentions of a Man on a date ?

How to understand the intentions of a Man on a date ?
You will need:
  • Care
  • Moment meeting
  • Gestures relationship
  • Sexual aggression
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# 1

Rendezvous - an opportunity to get to know each other, look at the way people express themselves in detail.Oh, those details!They truly tell about human intentions, will tell about his character.Express their aspirations and the man can not "harassment with kisses", because body language is easy to read ...

# 2

How to understand the intentions of a Man on a date?Firstly, it is necessary to pay attention to where he is dating.In public places - so preoccupied themselves in secluded - wants to be alone, because experiencing strong interest in an intimate companion.Inviting a date, according to where and when the meeting without coordinating this question?The authoritarian nature of Man - is not very comfortable, but the intentions of these men seriously and thoroughly.

# 3

If he is not very talkative, how to understand the seriousness of the man?It is necessary to get accustomed to his movemen

ts when a woman from afar - unconscious gestures give secret thoughts better than any words.Improves hair, stretches to tie or shirt collar, cuffs touches - so worried and wants to please.He looks at the clock or on the sides - is experiencing frustration and possibly secret doubts in the choice of companions.

# 4

How do you know a man intent on his movements, gestures?If a man feels attracted, during the conversation, he tilts the body towards the companion, look in the eye, he catches the eye.During the walk runs forward, facing the interlocutor - a sign that fear of failure.Touches collar button on his shirt, pulls the lock on the jacket - a sense of excitement.In this case it is better to make a pause in the conversation and let him gather his spirit.

# 5

How to understand the intentions of the man, if he keeps his hands on the hips, for example, with his thumbs in the belt loops or belt?This sexual interest, and quite aggressive.If the toe of his shoe all the time "looking" toward women, his eyes directed straight at it - in the eyes, it means he wants to subordinate companion.However, his attraction gives view on the hands and neck women - slightly diffused, as it were otherworldly.

# 6

If sexual aggression is relatively easy to read, how to understand the serious intentions of the men?Frank, a conscious demonstration of sexual desire can be expressed, when he gets the keys to play them.And if during a conversation, for example, on the phone, the man gets up and "accidentally" puts his hand on the shoulder of a companion - his intentions are clear, very serious, and can not be interpreted otherwise than as a demonstration of Command, desire intimacy and commitment to the future, it is desirablelengthy relationship.

# 7

Knowing the characteristics of body language and gestures of men, women can easily develop a relationship with a man without fear of error or failure, and feel perfectly natural.