How to behave with a Capricorn man?

How to behave with a Capricorn man?
You will need:
  • patience
  • knowledge traits
# 1

Of all the signs of the zodiac Capricorn is recognized as one of the most reliable in terms of a serious relationship and family formation.Therefore, winning the hearts of the men can be considered a matter of honor.Knowing how to deal with Capricorn, you can significantly shorten the path to the very heart.Although the conquest of speed here should not stand in the first place.The frankness of views and opinions from the very first minutes of the meeting may, on the contrary, as a surprise to men - Capricorn and be regarded as inadequate.After all, he loves in a relationship slow pace and practicality.The second quality permeates the entire life of the ibex, from relationships with people and finishing with a career pedestal.It is therefore important to show himself reasonable special, knowing a lot about life and in his profession.

# 2

knowledge and confidence in the fact should not be at the level of arrogance and conceit that immediat

ely repel ibex from the opposite sex.In the important measure: Neat, but not extravagant, well-read, but do not tediousness, thrift, but not rigorous calculations of financial expenses.just that he will deal with Capricorn.At first glance it may seem that Capricorn is absolutely alien to romanticism and sincerity in the expression of feelings, but it is a false idea.Men of this zodiac sign are beginning to manifest itself only by being fully confident in response feelings.External indifference, sometimes even bordering on rudeness, terseness - only affectedness.

# 3

why a woman who decided to link their fate with this man, you must not disclose all the cards initially, and to be patient.It should show him concern, but so that it was not intrusive, so how to deal with Capricorn Male should be relaxed, confident, without hysterics, even if his "inattention" offends.Tears, impulsivity, communication at the level of high tones - this is not the case when you need to get attention.External stealth, cold and calculating - only symptoms.Of course, in fact, he did not escape from the hell of soul expression, simplicity, the intellectual level of the chosen one, which he considers the most advantageous to build a serious relationship with a woman.

# 4

bright, fashionable dress, conspicuous unnatural makeup does not make any difference for the ibex.Much more important for his education, intelligence and reliability.Conservator of opinion, he will not go on about the woman, changing something in their preferences.Therefore, we should not think that "vtershis" in the trust will be able to change over time, life principles such men according to their understanding.Because, how to behave with a man Capricorn to change his point of view, so it is only showing calm and patience.To calm, unobtrusive tone in conversation, convincing arguments, and perhaps he will listen.But not immediately.after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", he may, through some time will give an idea of ​​his, what does not make sense to incriminate him.better enjoy his brilliant idea.

# 5

His obstinacy, even if he is not right, can benefit, as it appears, and if he is seriously something decided.After all, it will be hard to move toward your goal, changing tactics, exhausted themselves, thinking through all the details.The same tactics are much deliberation in the case of a family called genetically embedded in goats caution.They will make a first step only being sure at 100% that this is the woman of the second half.But, once having decided now Capricorn goes through, seeking his lady.A woman in a relationship with Capricorn must learn to not rush things, do not expose the critical one compared with other men, not to hint at the possible alternatives.This can only extend the probationary period.

# 6

woman, suggesting to take place within the family next to the Capricorn, should show flexibility, gentleness and softness.Otherwise, such a union will continue to expostulate for leadership.After all, despite the fact that the male ibex can not express their wishes, but internally it is very necessary to his dignity have been recognized and highly appreciated by loved ones.To it is necessary to listen, praise, raise his self-esteem, as indifference to external reasons and praise poured in hidden spiritual experiences from prying eyes.If a woman takes his silence as a tribute to, sooner or later, this threatens to break up the couple.

# 7

not always easy and a pair of second half, because the greed emotion ibex - a man and his stubbornness is not a pleasant experience.Although in public he can distinguish sparkling humor, hands, attention, speech that for close to wonder.That is to say, the game is for the public, a desire to impress.You can use this to their advantage, hinting chance that how great it can manifest itself in any case, he can do anything.The effect can be positive.The main thing to arouse desire to change something, because without desire, without any certainty that it is really important and necessary step and make onne.Himself Capricorn never go on about your dreams, so you need to give this prerogative in the hands of the chosen one.