Affectionately called his girlfriend ?

Affectionately called his girlfriend ?
You will need:
  • Phone
  • Social Networks
  • conversation alone
# 1

Communication between the sexes is an important attribute of modern life, it may be at work between colleagues, business partners, husband and wife.Communication between man and a woman has certain peculiarities and specifics and the main issue of the dialogue for a guy will always be: "How tenderly called his girlfriend?".Girls, as you know, like ears, so gentle treatment is a form of non-intrusive compliment.Moreover, the simple insertion of such a compliment out of place, may cause a negative reaction of a girl who finds it banal flattery, while the gentle treatment of the corresponding tone will show the true attitude.

# 2

There are many ways how to call his girlfriend sweetly, so it is important to choose the best treatment.Such treatment as Zaya, hare, hare, cat, kitty, kitty, kitty, honey - are widespread and may seem as trivial.However, many of these applications quite well can be used in the call, SMS messages us

ing the phone and messages in social networks.Although the ratio of one essence (bunny or kitty) listed sweet words have different connotations.For example, a kitty or a girl kitty may perceive as slang, especially if she is highly intelligent and loves obscenities.If a girl wants to appear or to be a leader, and an independent business, the address "hare" may resemble an appeal to the blonde who constantly need someone to care and protection.

# 3

for selection of tender applications should be well acquainted with the character, wishes and aspirations of the target girl that would endearment sounded like a compliment.It is necessary to feel her and realize that she may flatter and do not like.Many love the blatant flattery, others - prefer a more plausible argument.From the first days of love like it's hard to say whether the type of girl appeal: "Bagheera" or "my Bagheera".When using the diminutive of appeals in communication between a man and a woman, a determination, grinding and shaping role installations.Usually, someone has to be the leader, and the other - the bunny and kitten.If she claims to leadership, addressing her as "zaychonku" may flatter the feminine, but cause internal protest and desire to more aggressively adopt in its relations leadership role.So before you decide so, what words to name the girl, should better understand her character.Not all females like diminutive expression.

# 4

At the beginning of dating a girl, perhaps, will forgive her boyfriend various diminutives treatment, understanding and forgiving of his lack of knowledge of his character, but later it is better not to strain relations antikomplimentami as insulting "kind words".Also, as can be perceived antikomplimentov treatment: Pupsik, crumpet, gadyuchka.If the girl has problems with talkativeness, she was silent most of the time, the call "fish" can also be interpreted as an allusion to her disadvantage.Since the beginning of the love girl more forgiving to mistakes Man, you can try the standard widespread appeal: the sun, cat, bunny, and refer to it by name in the pet form (ie, not Julia, and Yulia).At the same time immediately need to pay attention to her reaction, especially facial expressions.If on the face shining smile, it means the approval of the treatment used.This check is easier to do with the direct conversation with her, not when communicating in social networks.In the past, as well as SMS messages over the phone is better to use proven its mimicry treatment.

# 5

From a practical point of view, the use of short caressing words makes communication in social networks and through SMS faster, but do not abuse these words, or she can guess the desire to save time and money on its behalf.Tender words are also a good way of passing moods and necessary information in diplomatic form.For example, if a guy is something hurt, instead of "stupid" or "witch" you can use the "witch" or "stupid" - it does not sound like a compliment, however, and is not offensive, if indeed the place and the girl in somethingobjectively guilty.If a guy is cute girl, many would agree with the view that any would like to hear more often from his chosen treatment "favorite", but sincerity is important, not just form.